Tupac’s Reading List

Assata: An Autobiography Written by: Assata Shakur Ponder on This: A Compilation From the Writings of: Alice A Bailey & the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul The Phenomenon of Man Written by: Teilhard de Chardin Kabbalah Written by: Gersham Scholem Thoughts and Meditations Written by: Kahlil Gibran Telepathy Written by: Alice A Bailey The Autobiography ofContinue reading “Tupac’s Reading List”


Is the new exhibition at TATE Britian curated by Nicholas Bourriad. (we’re now friends on Facebook… how Relational Asthetics is that!? hells yeah!). I’ve wrote reviews and researching it heavily for a presentation so I’m not going to put much about it after the presentation…. but what’s more interesting than the whole entire exhibition isContinue reading “ALTERMODERN”

sheffield just too depressing

The city is gloomy. Thick, low grey clouds hang depressingly refracting any natural light. This is the sort of stuff that causes S.A.D. I need 2 get out of the UK to somewhere sunny and warm, ya heard? Frisco looks sunny and warm according to my i-google! On another note: I am ….(future black president)Continue reading “sheffield just too depressing”

New York Complaint choir.

What a great idea, right!? I might be inspired enough to write one about the DONX.Lol. See below a sneak preview thanks to http://www.post.thing.net .! Public performances of the NYC Complaints Choir will occur over the next several months. Keep your ears peeled and consult the New Wilderness Foundation website. I might even post theContinue reading “New York Complaint choir.”