Beautiful Losers – The Movie

You know that ace book called Beautiful Losers, which gives us a semi-acedemic look at the Street Art artists. Including Aaron Rose created a monster with New York’s Alleged Gallery in the 90’s, then the legendary traveling art circus, Beautiful Losers, featuring Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Phil Frost, Ed Templeton, Chris Johanson, Espo, and tonsContinue reading “Beautiful Losers – The Movie”

Living in Brooklyn part 2

Before there was a Starbucks on every corner of New York City there were laundromats and hardware stores and Greek diners and liquor stores and Irish bars. I went into this other neighborhood, where I never ended up living, and it doesn’t have a Starbucks (yet) but it doesn’t seem to have many of the other necessities either.Continue reading “Living in Brooklyn part 2”

To the guy in the movie theatre

This is for the guy at the movie theatre on 34 st and 8th in Manhattan at the 4:15 showing of “Get Smart.” on Sunday. Now I know what you are thinking, what is intellectual, artistic Smizz doing seeing a slap-stick type of movie – I’m allowed to! I wanted a laugh, and it wasContinue reading “To the guy in the movie theatre”

Best Blog page for Sheffield. + SatC Movie

I found this page: wHERE To get free wi-fi in Sheffield. For all of you Sheffielians out there, this is the page for you! Also I saw Sex and the City movie today. So yeahhh what I thought about the movie is: It was enjoyable, I’ll buy it on DVD but not as spectacularContinue reading “Best Blog page for Sheffield. + SatC Movie”

Film Plot

Set in the UK, Yorkshire. year 2000 decade. Refers to the 80’s/90’s in other scenes. 20 year old Working class [smizz*] has an obsessive dream of making it as an artist, only to find out that the artworld isn’t as nice as it seems, nor easy to get into. As a result her ambition is tested pushing her ontoContinue reading “Film Plot”

New York, I Love You

Yes. Don’t we all. Well this movie has totally stole one of my movie ideas. Psscccct. Just goes  to show I REALLY NEED to start writing my script ASAP to stop this sort of stuff happening. so that’s what I’m going to do this weekend, for sure. I’m not sure when it’s going toContinue reading “New York, I Love You”

Once you do black, you never go back…

…In painting.  Ad Reinhardt proved that for us.  Because he said he wanted to make the 1 painting, then the 1 book and the 1 film. I’ve been trying to figure out the actual ‘plot’ of my movie all day. I need to plan it properly before the hardcore writing of it. It’s not goingContinue reading “Once you do black, you never go back…”