getting back to ARTistInG // john davies rachel whiteread ‘house’ exhibition

i haven’t made anything for like a week, and it;s driving me insane. I’m not quite sure where to go next or whether to continue. this is what I HATE about assessments. Luckily I have a tutorial early next week; but it is driving me insane. I feel like if I look for research, focussingContinue reading “getting back to ARTistInG // john davies rachel whiteread ‘house’ exhibition”

No rest for the wicked

So I’ve just had my assessment for studio practice; and it was all good.  I was expecting the worst – I think if I try and really brush up on my editing skills and how I engage in dialogue and discussion I could be a better student. As it is… i’m still a pretty awesomeContinue reading “No rest for the wicked”

Ever get this…

(one of THEM posts again) That you look over your work, or an essay… or perhaps even maybe just something simple like an email  and gone OH MY GOD! WTF am I doing? Well not so much in those words, but I’m just deciding on what work to put forward for my Skowhegan application –Continue reading “Ever get this…”