have i changed?!

so i have achieved a tiny tiny tiny bit of what i would call success, and Richie says that I have changed a tiny bit. I’ve become more ‘arty’. I’m not as for the working class as I used to be. Now I’m not quite sure what he’s refering too. Can I not show inContinue reading “have i changed?!”

A Great Speech to learn from

copied and pasted from:  http://www.williams.edu/home/commencement/2008/serra.php Richard Serra If Not Now, When? <!–watch the video –> It means a great deal to me to receive an honorary doctorate from Williams College, because so many graduates from this institution have directly contributed to and supported my artistic life. I want to take a moment to mention aContinue reading “A Great Speech to learn from”

top-up fee raising, UK

I always buy a Big Issue whenever I can, especially since I have been homeless myself.  In this weeks Big Issue they have an awesome article about the crazy rising tution fees for university. I’m so working class and poor and everything that comes with it (westernized poverty – not the real famine deal) iContinue reading “top-up fee raising, UK”

the locked room

today as part of the CAaD’s festival, 7 members (including myself) are going to be locked in a freezing cold gallery space from 12 midday 2day (sunday) to 12 midday 2moz (monday) without sleep, and bare miminum food and basic clothing. we are only allowed to bring 1 material and 1 object each. No technologyContinue reading “the locked room”


Our CAaD Artfestival is coming next week and I am SHITTING MYSELF!!!!!! It’s been a stressful journey up to now – and you know what? ITS JUST ABOUT TO GET MORE FREAKIN’ STRESSFUL. I now see why it isn’t a good idea to be ambitious at art college. Especially if it’s ambition which is autonomousContinue reading “CAaD”

anxiety take 2!

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have so many projects and so little time. I’m starting to get that crushing feeling. Like the world is getting smaller and smaller. Breathing normally is starting to become a chore. My heartbeat goes way faster than normal and i feel physically sick everytime i think about everything I need to do andContinue reading “anxiety take 2!”

Valentines days and all that

So I’m single. Yes. VERY single. Last night me and my single friends…. that would be my whole collection of housemates ( i’m not that sad to specifically meet with lots of people who are single and celebrate anti-valentines day – there are people who do that out there!) ordered take-out food. as that isContinue reading “Valentines days and all that”

my writing sucks

Most people want to pursue something that they’re good at. Well it’s obvious isn’t it? Why would you want to do something you hated…. and the things you enjoy the most tend to be the things you’re good at! Well not for me. I want to be an artist of consequence. Indeed. I also wouldContinue reading “my writing sucks”

attention American and Canadian readers

This is HILARIOUS. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7863374.stm This is actual video footage of British folk trying – or rather failing – to drive in 2cm of snow.  Yesterday was a joke. I had to walk 2 miles to someones house for our course, MArt, bonding session – in the snow because everything stopped running. I then had toContinue reading “attention American and Canadian readers”