So I have been away on a working vacation to venice for the Biennial.  And to release PROJECT BIENNALE PROJECT BIENNALE WILL BE IN REVIEW AT SHEFFIELD, SIAD GALLERY on the 10-11th June. So that’s your time to get a FREE book – LIMITED EDITION. check it here:

Your golden opportunity is coming soon

Urgh, I have been trying to research how to apply for 3 different US Non-immagrint visas today – the quickest and the cheapest way. I have a sneaking suspesion that my non-profit arts organisation who have kindly allowed me to work with them wont have the DS – whatever (2019?) form for the J1 VisaContinue reading “Your golden opportunity is coming soon”


and working hard  or hardly working? It’s that time of the month and I’m in a horrendous mood! It’s abit of a mixture between recovering from being sick, and crazy hormones. Like roll on Wednesday! HA.  I feel tired and grumpy – and all I wanna do is chill. But I can’t.  I need toContinue reading “working”

sarah smizz dot com updated

yeah i’ve updated some pages on my website you should check it, especially how good my resume is lookin for a working class kid in Doncaster, UK! I need to go to the bank 2moz and transfer some money to Heath. I haven’t really had time all week. grrrrr.

to do list

Make more collages Write about the series Make stickers Think about presentation Clean up sketchbookS Do more performances Create animation from images Update/make Powerpoint WRITE MORE REVIEWS Draw and document it Tidy up research. research the production of space more write something about it put work up in exhibition do proposals make measurements

to follow or not to follow!

that is the question. I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me, and so I texted to his cell,  I followed him on Twitter and he added me on Facebook and now you just have to go around checking all these differentContinue reading “to follow or not to follow!”