smizz Haiku’s

Hastings is scary especially at night time down rapeist-lane road …………. hiaku poems are often short and meaningless not this hiaku poem …………………… revolution is possible when it’s clumby and in an artform. ………….. i sometimes wish that i was as good as monet but sometimes i don’t ……………… if i told you that iContinue reading “smizz Haiku’s”

start of an abstract I’m working on. In The WORKS

The Impossible ‘Architecture’ – How artistic collectivism  and interventionist collaborative practices can be a confident move from Aesthetic autonomy to engagement with the social, the work place and the community. Over the past 10 years or so, socially engaged artists have made ‘work’ that is, distributed into the public sphere using various mediums including, moreContinue reading “start of an abstract I’m working on. In The WORKS”

to do or not to do, is the question?

Today I have had my hair cut and restyled; done the house shopping; hoovered downstairs; researched more places to live in Chicago and helped cook dinner.  And it’s only 6pm. This sounds like a semi-productive day, no? Well, actually, it isn’t the productivity that I was looking for. See, I was hoping read and re-readContinue reading “to do or not to do, is the question?”

‘fake’ revolution & art

  Not sure how my paper (that i’m writing just for fun.. no purpose) is going to turn out but i’m enjoying researching it never the less…  but this cartoon is just a very very very small taster… and a helping hand to get me to start blogging again! come on smizzle…


My blogging will probably come to a 4 week standstill – like summer 2007 – I’m going down to Hastings, East Essex UK – sleeping mad crazy rough – in sleeping bags… barely a roof… so defo no wireless internet haha!  will be able to twitter from my phone though – so keep up toContinue reading “Blogging”

Nothing’s changed yet everything’s changed..

A colleague/friend once told me not to be so precious about my rejections and criticisms as an artist.  This is easier said than done. Especially if you’re the type of person who is rejected in alot of fields – love, art, banks lol etc.  I think this could apply to goodbyes too. I was sat inContinue reading “Nothing’s changed yet everything’s changed..”

Smizz exhibition opening In LONDON 2moz

              Dates: 18th- 21st June 2009 12-6pm Private View: 17th June 2009 6-8.30pm Location: 2a Ada Street, E8 4QU  Closest Tube: Bethnal Green Overground: London Fields Buses: 26, 48, 55, 106, 254, 388, D6, 394 RePlace Exhibition: Photography and Moving Image Continuing its ongoing investigation into cities, spaces and place, [noplaceprojects*], with the support of Openvizor  areContinue reading “Smizz exhibition opening In LONDON 2moz”

Who the Fuck is [artist] Chris Brown?

“Who the fuck’s [artist] Chris Brown?”   The sun blazes down. The sea chops seductively against the walls of the sun-bleached facades of a city built on water. The sun sets and people get dressed up in designer clothes to venture on their networking spree. This is no ordinary art crawl. This is an artContinue reading “Who the Fuck is [artist] Chris Brown?”

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook Friends Please stop asking me to join stupid groups such as, ” I don’t like it when it rains” Groups, or I am a Fan of “breathing”  I espeically don’t need to join a group which states that I don’t like children being abused. All of the above are things that I thinkContinue reading “Dear Facebook”