Sleep’s for the faint-hearted

so i threw up a new website first page for OBJEKT publication that a group of us started in january. we’re slowly getting there! it will be worth it, promise.

A really cool magazine this is what real awesome design and magazines are like. Number 1English Version 2010 – Yearly298 pagesCover color, inside black on grey paperCahier 01 Marcel Cohen, 10 textsCahier 02 Living in JapanCahier 03 FranceCahier 04 ThoughtsCahier 05 Comunal ArgeaCahier 06 LisboaCahier 07 CharactersCahier 08 Winter GarmentsCahier 09 New York Now and ThenCahier 10 Buenos Aires, Guillermo Ueno’s Favorite PeopleCahier 11 IdolsCahier 12 AdventuresCahier 13 Szymon Zaleski, The Semitic TragedyCahierContinue reading “A really cool magazine”

Smizz unnamely gets a mention in This months ART MONTHLY

With the debate of Art Education becoming hastly heated amoungst the masses of art students, arts and educators alike Art Monthly gets loads of letters written in about the state of Art schools today. If you think that we have evolved over the last 80+ years then you should guess again. Take Sheffield Hallam, PSalter Lane campus.Continue reading “Smizz unnamely gets a mention in This months ART MONTHLY”