I <3 Robin Rhode

Friday 17th: The Hayward, Robin Rhode: Until 7th December Southbank Centre, London SE1 8EZ South African artist Robin Rhode presents inventive performances, photographs and drawings. Charcoal drawings and witty performances as well asanimations makes him a jack of all trades. Animations include two-dimensional representations of everyday objects; he draws a candle and tries to blowContinue reading “I ❤ Robin Rhode”

Typography design and the english language

Today I offered to collect our Transmission host Artist from the trainstation and buy her a drink in the Showroom cafe. Her name?  Only… caroline Bergvall!!  As in professor, MOMA Showing, world travelling, amazon book published poet… performance artist… performance poet artist etc. She was amazing. She talked alot about the crux of language. VeryContinue reading “Typography design and the english language”


UNDERCLASSRISING I came to Sheffield, Because I thought post-industrial banality was cool, now i’M way too cool for Sheffield. Read On.. Who needs Sheffield when you’ve got Saatchi & Saatchi. Charles loved the way we wanted to gentrify some naff old Cooling Towers in the name of art; he thought that it would make the perfect ‘cum shot’Continue reading “UNDERCLASSISM”

Smizz’s verdict: Street Art at the Tate is not so Street.

What does it mean for the Tate to endorse Street Art and the Street for art?               Street Art has, for as long as it has existed, been frowned upon by institutions, the critics disdain it’s integrity and art professors grit their teeth at the students who go to art school and practice streetContinue reading “Smizz’s verdict: Street Art at the Tate is not so Street.”

Tate and street art

I’m not sure what I think about this. My intital reaction is,”hells yeah!” But until I see it (next week) I’m going to act nutural towards one of my fav phenomons. The problem I have with it, is the act of which street art is treated as an artworld commodity. It looses it’s intigrity, it’s contextContinue reading “Tate and street art”

Spencer Finch LND gallery shizzle exhibition

If you’re from the UK, or are visiting, then you should definitely pass by the Lisson Gallery for Spencer Finch’s exhibition that is on show until the 26th July – So, not long now! There is sensitivity within this exhibition, which co-exists with the poetic dialogue of scientific methodologies that bares a resemblance to anContinue reading “Spencer Finch LND gallery shizzle exhibition”