I need to blog more

i’m not quite sure why my blogging has somewhat eased off over the recent weeks. Perhaps i have been busier than one thinks. Or perhaps I genuinely have really nothing to blog about and the temptation to write about myself – moaning – hasn’t got the better of me …. for a change! I can’tContinue reading “I need to blog more”

where to catch smizz?

These days I am here there and everywhere. Currently I am working on some work for a group exhibition at SF Cameraworks Gallery, San Francisco USA- and helping friends with the Degree show and should be doing Michael Corris’s website soon.  I say soon…. I’m not quite sure what that means anymore. Anyways. Here isContinue reading “where to catch smizz?”

sarah smizz dot com updated

yeah i’ve updated some pages on my website http://www.sarahsmizz.com you should check it, especially how good my resume is lookin for a working class kid in Doncaster, UK! I need to go to the bank 2moz and transfer some money to Heath. I haven’t really had time all week. grrrrr.

Smizz’s first London show 2moz (Monday 30th March)

Technically i’m curating my first London show (first of 3 this upcoming year) and I have chosen one of the best artists ever. Heath Bunting. If you’re about you should totally check it. here’s the promo details: the posters and stuff are PDF so i can’t upload them: =========================>> ONE NIGHT STAND | PROJECT BIENNALE:Continue reading “Smizz’s first London show 2moz (Monday 30th March)”

deriving knowledge – smizz review of altermodern @ TATE

Altermodern – Tate Triennial DERIVING KNOWLEDGE Gasp! Postmodernism is dead? Say what?? I didn’t get the memo. According to a few scholars, post modernity has been dead since the late 80’s when criticality left it high and dry. We see Dave Beech in February’s issue of Art Monthly talking about how art is now becomingContinue reading “deriving knowledge – smizz review of altermodern @ TATE”

In Montreal? why not go to my book launch?

Check it out man. This amazingly cool Canadian artist called: Jean-Francois Prost curated a book of interventionist art practices/projects. He chose my work of Utopian Protagonist – so this is my first official book launch even though there are 3 others in the pipe-line … most to be released later this year. including Heath BuntingsContinue reading “In Montreal? why not go to my book launch?”

sounds good, no?

So I was discussing my concerns with a developing straw of my artwork today. It kinda, as you can see from the images froma  previous post, has the asethetics of Robin Rhode. Who I love and have been following for years – way before the artworld got ahold of him.  Even though my interaction andContinue reading “sounds good, no?”


Is the new exhibition at TATE Britian curated by Nicholas Bourriad. (we’re now friends on Facebook… how Relational Asthetics is that!? hells yeah!). I’ve wrote reviews and researching it heavily for a presentation so I’m not going to put much about it after the presentation…. but what’s more interesting than the whole entire exhibition isContinue reading “ALTERMODERN”

Adaptive Actions Publication

I’m going to be featured in the Adaptive Actions publication produced by Canadian Artist: Jean-François Prost who is currently doing a residency at SPACE gallery in East London. Sounds a great thing. I got to put 2 images of some work and a 250 word text, which is veryyyy DoPa!  

too late

A little Too Late Victoria Miro, London “TOO LATE” exhibition. Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset   Only over 18s allowed in says the silver sign on the door. I was hoping that no-one was going to ask for some ID once I entered because I had left my passport at home, and have no alternativeContinue reading “too late”