Comment -ary

My friend and I have joked for a long time now that the comments on youtube videos are way entertaining than the videos themselves. The website takes this concept one step further. “Decontextualized video comments become modern pieces of poetry.” I don’t know about poetry but some of them are pretty funny and oftenContinue reading “Comment -ary”

Thomas Prior

In my excitement at the fact that I’m catching my plane in less than 24 hours, and I gotta catch my train down 2 london in like 2 hours, I wanted 2 get a glimpse of some cool pictures of the west coast of america when I came across some amazing little moments captured byContinue reading “Thomas Prior”

Smizz treats

So today was the last day at my painstaking job. YIPPEEEEEEE. It was different, and an experience… and it helped me get some cash together to do my USA cross country Amtrak journey…. although I have about $5 for each place I visit because of my somewhat slave labour wage, and because we are nowContinue reading “Smizz treats”

request ad reinhardt to be your friend!

an ambigious title, yes. But it is indeed true… regardless of the fact that Ad is dead, unfortunately, but his art lives on and all that. I found the weirdest thing this morning, doing my usual weird searching at 2:34 am after watching Into The Wild for the 10000th time. (gets me all excited forContinue reading “request ad reinhardt to be your friend!”

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I’m kind of cheatin’ on I have two blogs, The other is on this amazing website I found the other week when I was working. I was googling Wolfgang Stheale for Postmasters when this webpage comes up. He blogs on this website too, along side this otherContinue reading “”