The Splasher…

The controversial Splasher. So yeah, the Splasherrrrr. It’s about a year old in news, but I still feel like it needs a good mention. Us in the UK only really heard of it through that Banksy blahhhh of being splashed. Boo-Hoo. People ripp my work down all the time. Its like that. So I foundContinue reading “The Splasher…”

The Art of Fly Postering. ( Part 1. )

The Art of Fly Postering. ” If one wanted to make a work of art which was blank, an absence, a cancellation, some how devoid of meaning, it would clearly be impossible.” – Joseph Kosuth This is because, as a public, we have already given meaning to the work by indicating that it is indeedContinue reading “The Art of Fly Postering. ( Part 1. )”

Is Street Art Dead?

Adbusters magazine says it is! Sometime in the autumn of 2006, an anonymous figure began a campaign in the pre-dawn streets of New York. Armed with paint cans and propaganda, he set out to cast a blight upon once sacred images. With furious, brightly colored bursts, wall after wall of celebrated street art was systematicallyContinue reading “Is Street Art Dead?”