A Great Speech to learn from

copied and pasted from:  http://www.williams.edu/home/commencement/2008/serra.php Richard Serra If Not Now, When? <!–watch the video –> It means a great deal to me to receive an honorary doctorate from Williams College, because so many graduates from this institution have directly contributed to and supported my artistic life. I want to take a moment to mention aContinue reading “A Great Speech to learn from”

Carte Blanche

A new project by Studio Blanco for Sportmax… Carte Blanche is the first Sportmax limited edition collection of 3 pieces designed by French art director Christophe Brunnquell. Release date is April 2 in Milan and Christophe will be in town preparing a special installation for it!

Alberto de Pedro

I stumbled across this artist today on my daily trip around the blogo-sphere and I think his work is totally refreshing – both because of its size and locality. Taking a tip from the Little-People school of the-harder-to-find-the-more-visually-rewarding-the-piece, Alberto de Pedro from Madrid gives us minuscule wheatpasted versions of the local shops around the PalaceContinue reading “Alberto de Pedro”

Poster Boy

As a fly-posterrrrer artist, but I prefer to more pretencious title of “interventionist artist” or perhaps – an artist of consequence (after all I did re-evaluate briefly Lucy Lippards Dematerialization of the Art Object in relation 2 fly postering and New Media art) I think Poster Boy is over rated like Banksy. I mean come-on,Continue reading “Poster Boy”

Smizz treats

So today was the last day at my painstaking job. YIPPEEEEEEE. It was different, and an experience… and it helped me get some cash together to do my USA cross country Amtrak journey…. although I have about $5 for each place I visit because of my somewhat slave labour wage, and because we are nowContinue reading “Smizz treats”

Smizz’s verdict: Street Art at the Tate is not so Street.

What does it mean for the Tate to endorse Street Art and the Street for art?               Street Art has, for as long as it has existed, been frowned upon by institutions, the critics disdain it’s integrity and art professors grit their teeth at the students who go to art school and practice streetContinue reading “Smizz’s verdict: Street Art at the Tate is not so Street.”

In the spirit of my Tate street art review coming soon..

Also, it has been 8 days without Coca-Cola. Today I haven’t really had the withdrawl of not drinking it! Which is great! I have also convinced myself that my skin is getting better (i still have spots like I just re-hit puberty) because of the jogging and the amount of water i now drink. I hopeContinue reading “In the spirit of my Tate street art review coming soon..”

Beautiful Losers – The Movie

You know that ace book called Beautiful Losers, which gives us a semi-acedemic look at the Street Art artists. Including Aaron Rose created a monster with New York’s Alleged Gallery in the 90’s, then the legendary traveling art circus, Beautiful Losers, featuring Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Phil Frost, Ed Templeton, Chris Johanson, Espo, and tonsContinue reading “Beautiful Losers – The Movie”