Keith Sonnier: Smizz’s Review

Keith Sonnier At Mary Boone These days I struggle with the spectatorship of sculpture because the more historical and theoretical context I learn, the more difficult I find looking at something with so much physicality and historical background.  It strikes the questions of whether it is indeed the way of looking, or the actual objectContinue reading “Keith Sonnier: Smizz’s Review”

Keith Sonnier, Mary Boone Gallery – NYC 2008

Is possibly one of the best exhibitions that I have seen whilst I have been in New York City. Today I did a whole 4 hours cruise of the Chelsea art scene with my spontanous day off. Ive seen most of it, but its suprising how much it changes within 3 weeks, and its onlyContinue reading “Keith Sonnier, Mary Boone Gallery – NYC 2008”

The Gallery the day after

Soooo after all my drama, looking after the gallery on my own wasn’t half bad! I bonded with the art dog, Pig. Pig had a somewhat problem with me before. I think she was a classist dog, obviously she’s not used to Working Class people up in the gallery! And it turns out, the person who totally intimidatedContinue reading “The Gallery the day after”

The Rain is here

It’s refreshing when it rains over here, however it’s still HOT. When it rains, dayummm, It rains!!  HUGE thunder storms, it even made the trains delayed. I had to wait 35 minutes for the L train home. That’s crazy. Tomorrow is my first day off! Yeaaa. And Monday. Monday I’ll have to do some laundary.Continue reading “The Rain is here”