New York Complaint choir.

What a great idea, right!? I might be inspired enough to write one about the DONX.Lol. See below a sneak preview thanks to .! Public performances of the NYC Complaints Choir will occur over the next several months. Keep your ears peeled and consult the New Wilderness Foundation website. I might even post theContinue reading “New York Complaint choir.”

request ad reinhardt to be your friend!

an ambigious title, yes. But it is indeed true… regardless of the fact that Ad is dead, unfortunately, but his art lives on and all that. I found the weirdest thing this morning, doing my usual weird searching at 2:34 am after watching Into The Wild for the 10000th time. (gets me all excited forContinue reading “request ad reinhardt to be your friend!”

The fresh smell of clean clothes

I have this thing right, I loooooooove the smell of clean clothes. Not just any clean clothes though. Those clothes that have been washed with a really great scented fabric detergent. Like Bold or something. It’s such a good detergent that the smell doesn’t disappear when you put it in the tumble dryer! and youContinue reading “The fresh smell of clean clothes”

In the spirit of my Tate street art review coming soon..

Also, it has been 8 days without Coca-Cola. Today I haven’t really had the withdrawl of not drinking it! Which is great! I have also convinced myself that my skin is getting better (i still have spots like I just re-hit puberty)┬ábecause of the jogging and the amount of water i now drink. I hopeContinue reading “In the spirit of my Tate street art review coming soon..”

YO, where are you from?

So I know that I’ve always felt displaced. And I like to think my artwork mirrors the idea that I am, and society is starting to be, culturally displaced. Like I have said before, my upbringing (that being me doing what I want since it was single parent family and my mom had to workContinue reading “YO, where are you from?”