call in sick

So today I’m slowly suffering. I posted a post a while ago about me. I’m very very very poorly at the moment. I’ve practically lost my voice. Running (literally) around London yesterday, in the rain, didnt help either. I ache and it’s hard 2 breathe. But its not like a cold, cold. so I’m pissedContinue reading “call in sick”

Wazzzup!?! A Revisit

So you remember in the 1999’s there was that fucking annoying commericial on advertising buswiser, and everyone would copy it. Well I just found it on YouTube and it reminded me just own ANNOYING it was. But more interestingly: Two terms of George W. Bush’s leadership have sure managed to change things. The original BudweiserContinue reading “Wazzzup!?! A Revisit”

Slam Poetry in Sheffield

Now if you’re from Sheffo, chances are you’re reading this and goin’ “SLAM POETRY, WORD?????” in sheffield?!? Oh Yeahhh! Smizz ain’t on something. I’m helping some people who have this dope space up on the upper west-side of the town city centre (on west street near sheffield UNi). Their space is officially an artspace, butContinue reading “Slam Poetry in Sheffield”

Comment -ary

My friend and I have joked for a long time now that the comments on youtube videos are way entertaining than the videos themselves. The website takes this concept one step further. “Decontextualized video comments become modern pieces of poetry.” I don’t know about poetry but some of them are pretty funny and oftenContinue reading “Comment -ary”

ghosts in sheffield

So we live in this ‘luxury’ apartment on the dodgy side of town, on the same side of Park Hill flats, just over the bridge to castle square and castle market. Our apartment was built this year. Everything inside is new, and no one lived in it previously. We are the apartment blocks first residences.Continue reading “ghosts in sheffield”

Let’s not talk about recession, it’s just depressing

It’s not as depressing as going onto your online banking account and seeing that £132 has mysteriously gone missing. I haven’t bought anything on my bank card for like 2 weeks, the things I have bought I have put on my creditcard. The only thing I have done with this crd was pay my creditcard bill.  ThisContinue reading “Let’s not talk about recession, it’s just depressing”

My story of the bottle of Coca-Cola part2.

This is my story of the bottle of Coca Cola part 2. Anyway, let’s start this story when I was like: “Screw you Mom. Screw you status quo against working class in the artworld…. this summer i’m going to work in a New York Gallery and I’m moving to Brooklyn!” And then a couple of months later I was completely brokeContinue reading “My story of the bottle of Coca-Cola part2.”