Why the student NHS Bursary is important #BursaryOrBust

The Tory government believe that Nursing students (And I’m sure it will then lead onto other allied health care professional courses such as Radiotherapy, radiography, physiotherapy, ect) don’t need a NHS Bursary to help them fund their course and cost of living. And  they’re so wrong believing this. It’s just another way to repress theContinue reading “Why the student NHS Bursary is important #BursaryOrBust”

Sunday Soup Flow

So, we have 1 minute to tell an audience, in a creative way that represents your organization for the International Sunday Soup conference, about yourselves and hopes/plans for a chance to win the fund. 1 minute has never felt so small ha! I’ve checked out our ‘competition’ on the vimeo site and well, there’s peopleContinue reading “Sunday Soup Flow”

Funding ways

I found a super interesting website which helps people to back your art project and donate money towards your cause. I found it in relation to this project here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/284503152/where-do-you-rank-installation-of-people of WHERE DO YOU RANK? Where do YOU #Rank? – installation of people Project by Laura Isaac (which you should help and donate some cha-ching ) SoContinue reading “Funding ways”