Godzilla : A case study in the practice of safe ionising radiation protection

So, for my friends birthday he wanted to see Godzilla. I was skeptical. The only Godzilla I’ve liked previously was the one on the Chewits advert. Naturally, I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be surprisingly watchable, and dare I say it, enjoyable. Some core character developed moments almost make you emotional. AlthoughContinue reading “Godzilla : A case study in the practice of safe ionising radiation protection”

throwing around ideas for xmas shop window display.

My favourite mock up thus far. A winter wonder-land created with paper only! Brightly coloured fun paper! a bit more practice, should make perfect (i can’t even begin to tell you just how difficult it was to make a rectangular box! it brought back all my crazy design technology classes at school where i wouldContinue reading “throwing around ideas for xmas shop window display.”

The Perfect Summer

This image pretty much encapsulates the awesomeness of the summer. I’m sad to say my American 2011 adventure is coming towards the end – but maybe I’ll do the whole thing all over again next year. Try and get another show in NYC. The more I do the job for the Y, the more IContinue reading “The Perfect Summer”


SLAM JAM – PART 3 – KOOL AID SHEFFIELD CAKE ARTSPACE  (Cake is located above Lounge Bar, West Street, Sheffield, UK) – OPEN MIC Night of poetry, (ANY TYPE but we LOVE slam poetry n spoken word) And Performance! TUESDAY 12TH MAY, 2009 —— 7:30 ONWARDS OPEN MIC, DJ, MUSIC, DRINKS, POETRY AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOD TIMESContinue reading “SLAM JAM, Part 3 – KOOL AID. SHEFFIELD CAKE ARTSPACE”

Jumping in art galleries

check it: A blog combining two of my favourite things –  art galleries and jumping! this is either plain stupid, or pure genius. As it stands, I haven’t made my mind up. Allison Reimus, creator of JumpingInArtMuseums has been inviting people to send in photos of their jumps for her site and now she is taking it a step further.Continue reading “Jumping in art galleries”

Slam Poetry in Sheffield

Now if you’re from Sheffo, chances are you’re reading this and goin’ “SLAM POETRY, WORD?????” in sheffield?!? Oh Yeahhh! Smizz ain’t on something. I’m helping some people who have this dope space up on the upper west-side of the town city centre (on west street near sheffield UNi). Their space is officially an artspace, butContinue reading “Slam Poetry in Sheffield”