Film Plot

Set in the UK, Yorkshire. year 2000 decade. Refers to the 80’s/90’s in other scenes. 20 year old Working class [smizz*] has an obsessive dream of making it as an artist, only to find out that the artworld isn’t as nice as it seems, nor easy to get into. As a result her ambition is tested pushing her ontoContinue reading “Film Plot”

A lil’ taste of summer

Today is amazing. It’s warm; there’s a warm breeze. Its one of those days you just wanna go to the park with a blanket with some friends and chill out. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. We went to some art openings last night./ 7:30pm Friday  – 4:00am this morning. One hour turned into a mixtureContinue reading “A lil’ taste of summer”