Adaptive Actions book, sarah smizz, utopian protagonist

A while ago I told you all about getting into a book which had a release at the Canadian Centre of Architecture here’s my page

poster boy 2

I’ve been thinking about Poster Boy more recently, and although I still think he has more media coverage than what’s deserved – I didn’t give him enough credit.I was like, yo he needs to do this with¬† more criticality. Why? I don’t know. so long as he’s having fun, then that’s all that matters right?Continue reading “poster boy 2”

Alberto de Pedro

I stumbled across this artist today on my daily trip around the blogo-sphere and I think his work is totally refreshing – both because of its size and locality. Taking a tip from the Little-People school of the-harder-to-find-the-more-visually-rewarding-the-piece, Alberto de Pedro from Madrid gives us minuscule wheatpasted versions of the local shops around the PalaceContinue reading “Alberto de Pedro”

rethinking architectural and dialogical spaces within the public sphere

look familiar?

For those who don’t go to Liverpool

So here is my work in this amazing publication commissioned by OpenEye Gallery. It got chosen which was amazing. And here’s a taster of my artwork existing outside of what Ive already done with it. ¬† This is me like WHAT I CANT BELIEVE IT?

The Art of Fly Postering. ( Part 1. )

The Art of Fly Postering. ” If one wanted to make a work of art which was blank, an absence, a cancellation, some how devoid of meaning, it would clearly be impossible.” – Joseph Kosuth This is because, as a public, we have already given meaning to the work by indicating that it is indeedContinue reading “The Art of Fly Postering. ( Part 1. )”