If you end up having to be isolated at home

Being sick – chronically – on and off in severity has made it that I too have had my fair share of endless isolation.  Some of it in an attempt to not catch anything from others, most of it because I had NO energy/too much pain to do anything, or to try and leave theContinue reading “If you end up having to be isolated at home”

“It’s called a hustle, sweetheart.” The resolutely difficult advice to follow.

To celebrate getting a PhD scholarship, I did what any normal adult would do. I went straight to the movies (one of my favourite things to do) and went to see Zootopia (or Zootropolis as it’s called in the UK).  YOLO. During the movie, it became clear why I had been patiently awaiting the release ofContinue reading ““It’s called a hustle, sweetheart.” The resolutely difficult advice to follow.”

Smizz’s top movies from 2015

So each year I do my top 10 movies. 2015 has been a great year for females. So many strong female-led movies. And it’s about time! I love going to the movies, i love the anticipation of waiting to see a movie. However, this year I didn’t get much opportunity to see as many arthouseContinue reading “Smizz’s top movies from 2015”

Other movies that didn’t make the top 10 list

Other movie’s that didn’t quite make my list but are just as good, and that you should check out if you get the chance! The King’s Speech Midnight in Paris The Fighter Attack the block Contagion Never Let Me Go True Grit Hugo   Take Shelter Super 8 One Day Crazy, Stupid, Love Friends WithContinue reading “Other movies that didn’t make the top 10 list”

Smizz’s top 10 movies from 2011

You know it’s that time of the year, where I share with you my contradictory taste in movies: Some are high-brow, whilst others have amazing elements but with bland under-tones and some are well – just classic-cheese-fests! Wasting no more time with over-baring introductions: Number 10: Submarine If you’re an Arctic Monkey’s Fan, then you most certainlyContinue reading “Smizz’s top 10 movies from 2011”

500 days of summer

http://www.foxsearchlight.com/500daysofsummer/ I haven’t checked out all of the movies that are out at the Sundance, but this one looks aaight. i am hoping, however, that there is something a bit more risk taking, exciting and emotive in all the right areas. this just looks more like a less quirky Garden State meets Science of SleepContinue reading “500 days of summer”

MILK and High School Musical ON ICE

Oh yeah! I know what you’re thinking, how does that relate or mix well? Smizz has had an awesome relaxing – yet rewarding / inspiring day. I always head to the movies for a whole day at the end of the week (about every 2 weeks or so) to get my thoughts into gear –Continue reading “MILK and High School Musical ON ICE”

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Tributes. 40 Years this month to the 1968 student French Revolution! Why don’t we have balls like that?! Ahh how I am so nostalgic to the 60s and 70s of NYC and Paris. Robert Rauschenberg died on the 12th May. Long live his work though. I remember my mom being pissed that I made herContinue reading “Hasta la Victoria Siempre”