architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.

unsui’ is the name of a recently completed residence by japanese architect norisada maeda and his firm n maeda atelier. located in yamato kanagawa, japan, the home’s name translates to ‘mass of soil’. while the main floor is glass clad and translucent the second floor is a solid mound covered in earth-like clay. inside theContinue reading “architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.”

New York Complaint choir.

What a great idea, right!? I might be inspired enough to write one about the DONX.Lol. See below a sneak preview thanks to .! Public performances of the NYC Complaints Choir will occur over the next several months. Keep your ears peeled and consult the New Wilderness Foundation website. I might even post theContinue reading “New York Complaint choir.”

PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution]

PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution] is an amazing group from the 80’s that was pretty short lived. Their whole archived collection of work is available to look at by appointment at the MoMA, Queens. The PAD/D is an interesting group because it’s a huge group of artists that came together not to chat aboutContinue reading “PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution]”

Up & Coming Exhibition, UK here is their website. It says it’s up and running… this is a lie!! Lol. It merely has the front page, which means they nearly got it sorted but got bored, so it’s not ready at all! I did the same thing with StreetForm… however the website will be ready when I come bizackContinue reading “Up & Coming Exhibition, UK”