Image from the Re*Place show in London

Guess which is my work 😉

Smizz exhibition opening In LONDON 2moz

              Dates: 18th- 21st June 2009 12-6pm Private View: 17th June 2009 6-8.30pm Location: 2a Ada Street, E8 4QU  Closest Tube: Bethnal Green Overground: London Fields Buses: 26, 48, 55, 106, 254, 388, D6, 394 RePlace Exhibition: Photography and Moving Image Continuing its ongoing investigation into cities, spaces and place, [noplaceprojects*], with the support of Openvizor  areContinue reading “Smizz exhibition opening In LONDON 2moz”

Who the Fuck is [artist] Chris Brown?

“Who the fuck’s [artist] Chris Brown?”   The sun blazes down. The sea chops seductively against the walls of the sun-bleached facades of a city built on water. The sun sets and people get dressed up in designer clothes to venture on their networking spree. This is no ordinary art crawl. This is an artContinue reading “Who the Fuck is [artist] Chris Brown?”


some images from our event this is what i’ve been busy with these past couple of days. I am currently just filling for my J1 Visa for Chicagooooooooooo baby! hursday: BOOK LAUNCH, SHEFFIELD. OPENING CLOSING PARTY EVENT PRESS CONFERENCE  


So I have been away on a working vacation to venice for the Biennial.  And to release PROJECT BIENNALE PROJECT BIENNALE WILL BE IN REVIEW AT SHEFFIELD, SIAD GALLERY on the 10-11th June. So that’s your time to get a FREE book – LIMITED EDITION. check it here:



I need to blog more

i’m not quite sure why my blogging has somewhat eased off over the recent weeks. Perhaps i have been busier than one thinks. Or perhaps I genuinely have really nothing to blog about and the temptation to write about myself – moaning – hasn’t got the better of me …. for a change! I can’tContinue reading “I need to blog more”

where to catch smizz?

These days I am here there and everywhere. Currently I am working on some work for a group exhibition at SF Cameraworks Gallery, San Francisco USA- and helping friends with the Degree show and should be doing Michael Corris’s website soon.  I say soon…. I’m not quite sure what that means anymore. Anyways. Here isContinue reading “where to catch smizz?”

Re visit of the Altermodern Review

Altermodern – Tate Triennial DERIVING KNOWLEDGE  Gasp! Postmodernism is dead? Say what??  I didn’t get the twitter.  According to a few scholars, post modernity (PM) has been dead since the late 80’s when criticality left it high and dry. We see Dave Beech in February’s issue of Art Monthly talking about how art is now becomingContinue reading “Re visit of the Altermodern Review”

Smizz’s first London show 2moz (Monday 30th March)

Technically i’m curating my first London show (first of 3 this upcoming year) and I have chosen one of the best artists ever. Heath Bunting. If you’re about you should totally check it. here’s the promo details: the posters and stuff are PDF so i can’t upload them: =========================>> ONE NIGHT STAND | PROJECT BIENNALE:Continue reading “Smizz’s first London show 2moz (Monday 30th March)”