Jumping in art galleries

check it: A blog combining two of my favourite things –  art galleries and jumping! this is either plain stupid, or pure genius. As it stands, I haven’t made my mind up. Allison Reimus, creator of JumpingInArtMuseums has been inviting people to send in photos of their jumps for her site and now she is taking it a step further.Continue reading “Jumping in art galleries”

too late

A little Too Late Victoria Miro, London “TOO LATE” exhibition. Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset   Only over 18s allowed in says the silver sign on the door. I was hoping that no-one was going to ask for some ID once I entered because I had left my passport at home, and have no alternativeContinue reading “too late”

a life of a smizz

So recently, I have been MAD BUSY. I’ve been to London LIKE 4 TIMES in a month, Berlin, partied for Obama, been ill like 4 times (and I’m still poorly!) I slept for 14 hours straight yesterday. Can you believe that? i can’t! Ive had exhibitions, after exhibitions. So here is a quick taster ofContinue reading “a life of a smizz”

Werkplaats Typografie: Starting from Zero

I caught online the opening of Starting from Zero an exhibition celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Werkplaats Typografie. The show features an extensive collection of printed matter, primarily posters and books, from past participants of the program. Curated by Na Kim and Karl Nawrot. On view through November 30th. October 30–November 30, 2008 Zero-One DesignContinue reading “Werkplaats Typografie: Starting from Zero”

New cool Looking gallery: Sperone Westerwater

I’m currently trying to fumble a whole piece of writing for http://www.new-art-theory.org/ about  the consequences of conceptual existential architecture  and the capitalistic asethetic that already exists but how it is maintained through architecture… and how rather than advance art – it takes away. But i’m only half way through it. Whilst ‘researching’ this I found thisContinue reading “New cool Looking gallery: Sperone Westerwater”