Smizz performing at:

For all those who digg my night SLAM JAM at CAKE ARTSPACE, Sheffield. And for all those that have heard how Legend……..(wait for it )………ary, LEGENDARY it is – then you should totally check out the open mic night at the LESCAR in Sheffield, UK on Tuesday 27th Jan.  7:30pm onwards. I was asked toContinue reading “Smizz performing at:”

How Very Toyko

As featured on the GC previously, the ‘How Very Tokyo’ exhibition has taken place and the prints are now available to buy here. Prints are available from contributors such as Browns, Bibliothéque, Spin, Northand Sanderson Bob to name a few. I purchased the Spin one (above top). You can also check out photos from the exhibition over at their Flickr set here.

The politics to group runnings

Now this ain’t gonna be no academic piece of writing, or any kind of article. It’s just me moaning/celebrating and documenting a fleeting moment. I just bought Collectivism After Modernism (got it imported from US as it’s now out of print in UK – typical)  edited by B. Stimson and G. Sholette. It’s one ofContinue reading “The politics to group runnings”

is just getting too old

21 today. my life is disappearing before me. i’m only 39 years away from getting a free bus pass. Now that’s perspective! On another note: imagine having some sort of cool art campaign against gentrification including the public/community embedded art pieces – e.g.

rethinking architectural and dialogical spaces within the public sphere

look familiar?