The New York Times published an article/video last week about an Australian man named Oliver Percovich, who has worked hard for two years to create Skateistan – Afghanistan’s first skateboarding school. Hit “more” to watch the video and I’m sure you’ll be as inspired by the story as I am!

attention American and Canadian readers

This is HILARIOUS. This is actual video footage of British folk trying – or rather failing – to drive in 2cm of snow.  Yesterday was a joke. I had to walk 2 miles to someones house for our course, MArt, bonding session – in the snow because everything stopped running. I then had toContinue reading “attention American and Canadian readers”

getting back to ARTistInG // john davies rachel whiteread ‘house’ exhibition

i haven’t made anything for like a week, and it;s driving me insane. I’m not quite sure where to go next or whether to continue. this is what I HATE about assessments. Luckily I have a tutorial early next week; but it is driving me insane. I feel like if I look for research, focussingContinue reading “getting back to ARTistInG // john davies rachel whiteread ‘house’ exhibition”

busy schedual

I’ve got a crazy week ahead. – this weekend I’m hoping to write a proposal for Proximity Magazine – start answering some questions for the application to intern at AREAChicago for September – December 09 – Reconsider my direction, my developement with my artwork -Finish ‘Prompting the Revolution’ text. – think for one of myContinue reading “busy schedual”

Smizz performing at:

For all those who digg my night SLAM JAM at CAKE ARTSPACE, Sheffield. And for all those that have heard how Legend……..(wait for it )………ary, LEGENDARY it is – then you should totally check out the open mic night at the LESCAR in Sheffield, UK on Tuesday 27th Jan.  7:30pm onwards. I was asked toContinue reading “Smizz performing at:”

Questions as artists (both art students and real practicing artists) should ask themselves

“a few Questions for artists (in relation to the academy) … How can a free artist accept this managed and managerlized condition? how can an artist exist without or outside the institution? why are so many mature artists so happy with competing for small prizes, purchases and praises?  why are there still artists who thinkContinue reading “Questions as artists (both art students and real practicing artists) should ask themselves”

Just dawned on me

I never did a foundation for my art course, and went straight to uni from 6th form (not even college), I’ve worked as a workshop artist in New Hampshire in USA in the summer of my first year, and the summer of my second year I worked in NYC in an amazing well known galleryContinue reading “Just dawned on me”