Jan Schoenwiesner

Jan Schoenwiesner shot Visual Music, his graduate film, with a DV camera and a homemade 35mm lens adapter! This is what I’m talkin about! So what you don’t have Canon 5D MKII! You might not even have a DV camera!   Quit moping around because you don’t have the latest equipment – just go out andContinue reading “Jan Schoenwiesner”

basque health department headquarters by coll-barreu arquitectos

    while frank gehry’s guggenheim museum made the spanish town of bilbao an international destination, a slew of new projects are continuing to add to its reputation. one of the most recent additions to the cities landscape is the health department headquarters designed by coll-barreu arquitectos. the young firm’s creation is most recognizable for itsContinue reading “basque health department headquarters by coll-barreu arquitectos”

Renzo Piano

So our move to Sheffield Hallams city campus from our amazing PSalter Lane campus has been somewhat eventful. Studios resemble that of prison, all we need is bunks.. although there probably wouldnt be any room for bunks. The great gallery space which is now studio space for a few studio groups closes really early tillContinue reading “Renzo Piano”