7 Minute to think of & execute XMAS CARDS!

The task, create 20 individual xmas cards with only spending 5 minutes on each. I over exceeded that on some, giving me an average of 7 minute per-card. Including what was going to go on it. Not too shabby. Of course, I can draw/paint better than this but I’m loving the rushed style these days.


Illustrative Mapping: Doc/Fest

I’ve been really nervous how these would turn out. And you know what, I like the energy it captures. We did these in a mad rush between the 2 days of the sheffield doc/fest film festival finishing and me jetting off to America for 4+ months.
I can’t believe how lucky I am to have had this opportunity. Mane, I LOVE SHEFFIELD DOC/FEST. There’s a reason why they’re one of the best (really THE BEST) documentary and new media festival: because they really do help out people with raw talent/vision who just need a bit of direction, or mentorship. A bit of belief and/or meeting the right people goes a long way. If you’re an aspiring film-maker – I would not hesitate to recommend Doc/fest to you, as it really does seem centered around the needs of those aspiring both new film-makers and older institutions wanting to share what works – how they can evolve too. Very exciting.

On that note: Check it out. Thanks Doc/Fest and Arts Council Lottery Funding Money Y’all!


I’ve found a better way to keep all my crazy street drawings all together. On what the cool kids are using. TUMBLR (i have 4 now!)

keep it locked HERE and FOLLOW ME for some crazy drawings of NYC, London, Sheffield, Boston, your street! Where ever i go! Holla!  (http://streetarchitect.tumblr.com/)

(above, no i haven’t lost my mind, it’s a drawing my mom asked me to do so she could pretend that she’s done it at work for an attempt to win a bottle of wine… some things never fail to amaze me..)

Smizz can get into the film business yet!

I’m doing a bunch of stuff for Sheff DocFest – the best international documentary film festival in the whole of europe – fact. – if not THE BEST in the world.  infact it is probably the best thing that happens in sheffield, that actually puts poor old sheffield on the map.

There’s going to be alot of drawing (drawings that most of you haven’t seen because i’m purposely keeping them on the lowwwww down until after graduation ;0) )

but some drawing performance work too.

I can’t wait for November!

Sarah Smizz, your resident artist.