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finally, eh?!

the same ol’ bee in my bonnet

So, it’s been one of those days which means that I’ve had way too much time to think. on the train home from Sheffield and such. Wouldn’t life be so much better if I could take 100’s of interning jobs without having to work 2 part time jobs to make ends meet. so i canContinue reading “the same ol’ bee in my bonnet”

New JAVASCRIPT animation

Yes, I’m starting to figure bits and pieces out as i go along. the clumby elements of this doesn’t bother me as yet. watch the sky turn different colours and try and scroll through the post utopia. you can defo tell that I have Chicago on the brain.  check it! and the first attemptContinue reading “New JAVASCRIPT animation”

The Double Agent (first Draft – NOT Referenced properly yet!!!)

The Double Agent –   FIRST DRAFT, NOTTTT REFERENCED PROPERLY How artistic collectivism and interventionist collaborative practices can be a confident move from Aesthetic autonomy to engagement with the social, the work place and the community. “Despite the [above] reservations a community still seems the only means by which we can overcome the extreme isolationContinue reading “The Double Agent (first Draft – NOT Referenced properly yet!!!)”

The Last Lecture

After I finished the 4 week teaching gig in Hastings last week, I got this awesome card off the kids saying thank you. That was great. What was even more surprising than that was a card and a book off my monitor. Every teacher has a monitor who takes the kids to town and onContinue reading “The Last Lecture”


My blogging will probably come to a 4 week standstill – like summer 2007 – I’m going down to Hastings, East Essex UK – sleeping mad crazy rough – in sleeping bags… barely a roof… so defo no wireless internet haha!  will be able to twitter from my phone though – so keep up toContinue reading “Blogging”

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook Friends Please stop asking me to join stupid groups such as, ” I don’t like it when it rains” Groups, or I am a Fan of “breathing”  I espeically don’t need to join a group which states that I don’t like children being abused. All of the above are things that I thinkContinue reading “Dear Facebook”

Adaptive Actions book, sarah smizz, utopian protagonist

A while ago I told you all about getting into a book which had a release at the Canadian Centre of Architecture here’s my page