architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.

unsui’ is the name of a recently completed residence by japanese architect norisada maeda and his firm n maeda atelier. located in yamato kanagawa, japan, the home’s name translates to ‘mass of soil’. while the main floor is glass clad and translucent the second floor is a solid mound covered in earth-like clay. inside theContinue reading “architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.”


Let my vacation come fucking faster! Today I’ve had one of the worst days in like…. 3 months? Which is GREAT going for me. And although it hasn’t been ultimately traumatic, I made myself look abit like a cock and sobbed down the phone to Richie, and did that mumblely type of talking just beforeContinue reading “ROLE ON MY VACATION”

Hotter than the Devil’s Office

It is rare for the UK to have hot weather. When I was working in NYC, it was HOT. It was VERY hot. Humid. Unbareable sometimes when I had like 3 layers when i worked at Postmasters with no AIR CON. Today and the day before are like freak events. I told everyone I metContinue reading “Hotter than the Devil’s Office”