Thinkin’ up a master (money) making plan

So, currently I have been working  a series of crazy part time/fulltime summer jobs in order to make some money.  But everytime I make some cash, it seems to go on direct debits, plane tickets, getting to and from work, getting to and from sheffield, food shopping etc, so basically  my money just goes onContinue reading “Thinkin’ up a master (money) making plan”

to do or not to do, is the question?

Today I have had my hair cut and restyled; done the house shopping; hoovered downstairs; researched more places to live in Chicago and helped cook dinner.  And it’s only 6pm. This sounds like a semi-productive day, no? Well, actually, it isn’t the productivity that I was looking for. See, I was hoping read and re-readContinue reading “to do or not to do, is the question?”