Adventures Ahead: The Lake Moon

I got my 6th USA work visa approved on Thursday in London and now I can allow my trip to feel real. It’s been 3 years since I had the real freedom to leave the UK for a long-ish period of time. I’ve been pretty poorly in-general and then clinical placement or school work andContinue reading “Adventures Ahead: The Lake Moon”

Smizz’s Bucketlist – Revisited – Nearly a year on

In a few months time, it will be a 2 years anniversary of when I got told that I might have cancer. A Lymphoid Malignancy to be exact. I’ve spent many, many posts dedicated to trying to get my head around not having an ultimate certainty that most 24 year olds have. When you’re young, you kind of feel invinsible. NotContinue reading “Smizz’s Bucketlist – Revisited – Nearly a year on”

Thank YOU!

So, Sunday the 11th November was a big day. 2 of my best friends and I rode from one side of South Yorkshire to the other side. From the Donx to Sheffield. We raised money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and hit over our targets so -THANK YOU SO MUCH.We couldn’t have done it withoutContinue reading “Thank YOU!”

The Bucketlist

So, as some of you guys know, I’ve been thinking about the concept of time because of some unresolved – soon to be sorted out back in the UK – health issues. And with my reconstruct of time, and trying to be open to everything I can be open to, to make the most ofContinue reading “The Bucketlist”