Fung Wah Bus

I got a few hommies in the Boston area, and I came across the best bus ever to get from New York City to Boston when I’m over there. Only $15 each way. now that’s cheap, fo shizzzz!!! I’m starting to get real nervous about gong to New York now. I just remembered howContinue reading “Fung Wah Bus”

Bank Holidays

I hate Bank Holidays. There’s nothing to do, except shop. And the stores are always bursting with people.¬† And shit TV. and that’s it. I mean, surely there should be more to Bank Holidays. Spring Bank is even worse. The Library and Uni is closed for Monday AND Tuesday. Luckily I got some DVDs out.Continue reading “Bank Holidays”

The Splasher…

The controversial Splasher. So yeah, the Splasherrrrr. It’s about a year old in news, but I still feel like it needs a good mention. Us in the UK only really heard of it through that Banksy blahhhh of being splashed. Boo-Hoo. People ripp my work down all the time. Its like that. So I foundContinue reading “The Splasher…”