my writing sucks

Most people want to pursue something that they’re good at. Well it’s obvious isn’t it? Why would you want to do something you hated…. and the things you enjoy the most tend to be the things you’re good at! Well not for me. I want to be an artist of consequence. Indeed. I also wouldContinue reading “my writing sucks”

Adaptive Actions Publication

I’m going to be featured in the Adaptive Actions publication produced by Canadian Artist: Jean-François Prost who is currently doing a residency at SPACE gallery in East London. Sounds a great thing. I got to put 2 images of some work and a 250 word text, which is veryyyy DoPa!  

An Art of Fly Postering (Manifesto)

  An Art of Fly Postering (Manifesto)   ” If one wanted to make a work of art which was blank, an absence, a cancellation, some how devoid of meaning, it would clearly be impossible.” Joseph Kosuth   Fly-postering is not by any means necessarily classed as Art. It falls into the many categories, principallyContinue reading “An Art of Fly Postering (Manifesto)”

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Tributes. 40 Years this month to the 1968 student French Revolution! Why don’t we have balls like that?! Ahh how I am so nostalgic to the 60s and 70s of NYC and Paris. Robert Rauschenberg died on the 12th May. Long live his work though. I remember my mom being pissed that I made herContinue reading “Hasta la Victoria Siempre”