Everything That Can Happen, Does Happen

I just bought a book I found in a bargin box for ¬£2 on quantum physics. It’s by Brian Cox, it came out a few years ago when I was working one of my many part-part-time jobs in a bookstore. The book has always intrigued me from the shelf I used to stare at fromContinue reading “Everything That Can Happen, Does Happen”

My future kids picture book idea: The Future

My future kidz picture book idea: ———>> I bought some glasses, they showed me everything i’d be, and what i’d know, and all i needed to see; I bought some future glasses, but I never put them on, ’cause where’s the fun in simply going, where you’ve already gone! ūüėÄ

Lovely Book Covers

I really can’t stop looking at book covers. ¬†I will buy a book if the cover is awesome and I have some money to burn in my pocket. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that, irregardless to the whole iPad/Kindle/E-Reader influx, there’s been a huge increase in books that are beautifully, beautifully crafted –Continue reading “Lovely Book Covers”

Being A Bit Quiet…

Designing is like a whole¬†separate¬†way of working compared to when I create work as an artist. The whole function over form, form and function as an equal playing field. I’d love to learn how to do real typography and letterpressing! I’ve been making my own letters, carving them from wood and lino. ¬†I’ve been lookingContinue reading “Being A Bit Quiet…”

New SMIZZ website (update)

It has been a looooooooong ¬†time i last undated my website. or indeed blog properly. ¬†so here is to a new productive smizz mass y’all! Check out my new site. I’ve gone old-skool but I think you might like it! ūüôā WWW.SARAHSMIZZ.COM (you just click sarah smizz, or new page to get to the mainContinue reading “New SMIZZ website (update)”


I’ve found a better way to keep all my crazy street drawings all together. On what the cool kids are using. TUMBLR (i have 4 now!) keep it locked HERE and FOLLOW ME for some crazy drawings of NYC, London, Sheffield, Boston, your street! Where ever i go! Holla!¬†¬†(http://streetarchitect.tumblr.com/) (above, no i haven’t lost myContinue reading “DRAWING THE WORLD 1 BUILDING AT A TIME”

nearly a year after graduating, reflection: everyday i’m shuffling

Technically speaking i didn’t graduate until November when I officially got my certificate and that. But by transcript and exam board standards and the expiration of my ¬†university log-in username – it has been since June 2010. ¬† It’s nearly been a whole year! Last night I was online stalking some of my favourite artists/peopleContinue reading “nearly a year after graduating, reflection: everyday i’m shuffling”

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules I read this on¬†frank chimero’s blog (the coolest, most awesome designer person i’ve discovered over the past few months) and it spoke to me – not just as a sylabus of which he intended it – but as a basic guide to life as a creative practitioner. great advise i had to share!Continue reading “Classroom Rules”

London on a budget (travel)

I recently read the new post on the NYT’s frugal Traveller blog in London. Seth seemed to have gotten a bit of a raw deal. As a Northern UK person, we all know how expensive London is¬†in comparison¬†to the rest of England, never mind if you had to change your currency to half of it’sContinue reading “London on a budget (travel)”