The Heart of The Matter: Hope.

About 2 weeks ago I found out that I’ve been shortlisted for another award, this time for — “Most innovative student-driven digital tool” — for the design of my *future* Radiotherapy Treatment Patient Information App – “RADcare”. And I’m still blown away by the shortlist. I don’t think I’ll win, but this definitely feels like one ofContinue reading “The Heart of The Matter: Hope.”


yes. i am running the RACE FOR LIFE to raise money for CANCER RESEARCH. PLEASE SPONSOR ME HERE! RUNNING THE RACE FOR LIFE The question on everyones mind is: Why is Smizz going to try and run the Race For Life?  The answer:  Because There’s nothing worse than witnessing a loved one, or a close friend, having toContinue reading “PLEASE SPONSOR SMIZZ FOR THE RACE FOR LIFE!”

RoadTrip USA inspiration blog

You know tumblr’s are all the range right. It’s because they make other peoples images look awesome. As a lil something, something to inspire me – keep me focused for the summer – take my mind off my weird health issues, I’m putting a kick ass tumblr together of great images of America & roadtripsContinue reading “RoadTrip USA inspiration blog”

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I’m kind of cheatin’ on I have two blogs, The other is on this amazing website I found the other week when I was working. I was googling Wolfgang Stheale for Postmasters when this webpage comes up. He blogs on this website too, along side this otherContinue reading “”