New cool Looking gallery: Sperone Westerwater

I’m currently trying to fumble a whole piece of writing for about  the consequences of conceptual existential architecture  and the capitalistic asethetic that already exists but how it is maintained through architecture… and how rather than advance art – it takes away. But i’m only half way through it. Whilst ‘researching’ this I found thisContinue reading “New cool Looking gallery: Sperone Westerwater”


The accumulation of culture Culture – a build up of. In Dialogue. The Transmission-ability of culture. Plateau Platformo.     The “cultural stealth” of our own existence has started to take its toll upon us. In a culture where the idea of transmission-ability/ progress is given up in the name of Post Modernity, the disillusionContinue reading “FIRST STUDENT-LED BIENNIAL EVER, IN SHEFFIELD”

basque health department headquarters by coll-barreu arquitectos

    while frank gehry’s guggenheim museum made the spanish town of bilbao an international destination, a slew of new projects are continuing to add to its reputation. one of the most recent additions to the cities landscape is the health department headquarters designed by coll-barreu arquitectos. the young firm’s creation is most recognizable for itsContinue reading “basque health department headquarters by coll-barreu arquitectos”

Renzo Piano

So our move to Sheffield Hallams city campus from our amazing PSalter Lane campus has been somewhat eventful. Studios resemble that of prison, all we need is bunks.. although there probably wouldnt be any room for bunks. The great gallery space which is now studio space for a few studio groups closes really early tillContinue reading “Renzo Piano”

Road Trip

by Stephen Shore Limited to 3,300 copies, plus 100 artists proofs, each copy is signed and numbered by the photographer. This special, highly collectible limited edition book is the only complete documentation of Shore’s month-long road trip across America in 1973 featuring a reproduction of every page of the journal he made on this tripContinue reading “Road Trip”

architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.

unsui’ is the name of a recently completed residence by japanese architect norisada maeda and his firm n maeda atelier. located in yamato kanagawa, japan, the home’s name translates to ‘mass of soil’. while the main floor is glass clad and translucent the second floor is a solid mound covered in earth-like clay. inside theContinue reading “architecture: UNSUI and Venice 11th A.B.”