is just getting too old

21 today. my life is disappearing before me. i’m only 39 years away from getting a free bus pass. Now that’s perspective! On another note: imagine having some sort of cool art campaign against gentrification including the public/community embedded art pieces – e.g.

rethinking architectural and dialogical spaces within the public sphere

look familiar?

An Art of Fly Postering (Manifesto)

  An Art of Fly Postering (Manifesto)   ” If one wanted to make a work of art which was blank, an absence, a cancellation, some how devoid of meaning, it would clearly be impossible.” Joseph Kosuth   Fly-postering is not by any means necessarily classed as Art. It falls into the many categories, principallyContinue reading “An Art of Fly Postering (Manifesto)”

Art after “Anything Will Do”

Art after Anything Will Do is a piece of writing that I (and it maybe a collaboration) am proposing. In the paper I will establish the current state of the mainstream artworld and its art.  I will discuss some of the cultural changes from the late 60’s to present day (capitalism) and how the callContinue reading “Art after “Anything Will Do””

Ever get this…

(one of THEM posts again) That you look over your work, or an essay… or perhaps even maybe just something simple like an email  and gone OH MY GOD! WTF am I doing? Well not so much in those words, but I’m just deciding on what work to put forward for my Skowhegan application –Continue reading “Ever get this…”