Camp/motels/hostels/hotels/places to stay Sites USA Roadtrip Option 1: (6th September 2012) NYC -> DC (Stay in DC for a few hours) – Ride to West Virgina – stay there the night. WEST VIRGINA CAMP SITES: ‪Kanawha State Forest‬‎ ‪7500 Kanawha State Forest Drive‬ ‪Charleston, West Virginia 25314‬ ‪(304) 558-3500‬ ‪‬‎ ‪100 Baker Lane‬ ‪Charleston, WVContinue reading “ROAD TRIP SCHEDULE.”

RoadTrip USA inspiration blog

You know tumblr’s are all the range right. It’s because they make other peoples images look awesome. As a lil something, something to inspire me – keep me focused for the summer – take my mind off my weird health issues, I’m putting a kick ass tumblr together of great images of America & roadtripsContinue reading “RoadTrip USA inspiration blog”

Did I tell Y’all That I got my US Work Visa?

I mean, if you know me, you will have heard this story a billion times already. I was super nervous about my US Embassy interview, i thought that because i’ve been over quite a lot recently that they would give me a lot of questions. Not that going on holiday to the USA should beContinue reading “Did I tell Y’all That I got my US Work Visa?”

i think i might be going back to camp

imagine that! it would be awesome if i did! but now i’m going about like a crazy person trying to do a 100 things at once! it’s so much harder these days to get visa’s than it was in 2007! so much harder! you have to get 3 references. i’m like whhart? 3 REFERENCES that’sContinue reading “i think i might be going back to camp”