Recognized by The British Council

seriously. Ha!

i was googling myself. you know? how you do?

and the usual suspect pages were coming up. and then all of a sudden i was like what’s this pdf with my name on!?

wait a second… it’s on the british council website… it’s a PDF.  a bunch of professors and doctors and famous artists have found my work and gone. yep sarah smizz is working with art to show the affects of environment and she works alot with other people. we’ll put her down.

dang! that’s crazy.

get the booklet here:



“political” drawing a day

or at least an attempt. the funniest and the drawings that failed the most.

1 a day

here’s 2 to start!

more coming soon!

my first general election vote!

Most people want to turn 18 so they can drink, can have adventures and book into hotels and hostels on their own without a grown-up, do the fun jobs like camp-america and teaching students, get a credit card, buy fags and you can’t wait to feel like you’re an actual grown up. (which is scary as!)

Not the Smizz. I don’t really drink (unless it’s free or it’s one of ‘those’ days). I certainly don’t smoke. I did Camp America when I was 19 and i actually hate adult life. At 18 i couldn’t get a credit card because of my near-none exist credit / my moms awful credit rating on the house address. But I will admit travel was so much easier going with friends and not your mom! ha.

But the thing that I really wanted to do more than ever was to VOTE. yes. I’m one of those believers that 16 year olds should be able to vote (if you can get married, leave school, work full time jobs, pay tax, buy a house and die for your country then why not?!)

And I turned 18 just after the general election, and then Tony Blair fucked around, wouldn’t step down when he should have – then we got Gordon Brown who wanted to spend some time as priminister and  put off a general election so that it would HOPEFULLY work in labour’s favor. However, as much of a labour fan as I am – and Labour (despite irritating tory campaigns)  IS WORKING.

But now after the Americans seem like they’ve taken a huge leap in political and equality history, the rest of us in the UK are feeling kind of like we’re taking many steps back. I look at the new Obama bills, we have the HISTORICAL FREE healthcare bill – PASSED. A bill to make college ALOT more affordable to poor kids and stop elite colleges turning their nose up at community colleges.

At the same time in the UK, we have gone from free education to always going up tuition fees. Where the poor pay the same as the rich. The MPs are fraudulent greedy suckers who take advantage of the system and charge crazy expenses on their accounts and then don’t even turn up to pass one of the most important bills for the UK Digital economy. retards.

So is it any wonder why people want change? where is our obama we are asking?! Indeed. what i find even more insulting is the Conservatives take on this phrase of Obreezy’s and play it in all the wrong ways that it;s supposed to mean charge. There is a irony that lies in a tory government stealing a democrats plea for change for equality. and we all know Tory’s are far from equality for all.

Anyways, so where as 4 years i would have still been voting for Labour, today i am torn between the new socialists or a younger, real change – new reformed lib-deb led by leader Nick Clegg who has had some surprisingly serge in popularity being compared to the new british obama with unpararell comparisons: Obama had “Yes, we can”. Clegg has “I agree with Nick”. Obama, as a youth, flirted with hard drugs. Clegg set fire to a cactus.

And although a vote to the Lib-Debs essentially means a vote away from Labour thus a more likely-hood that Conservatives would get into power ( and we really don’t want that, stupid first past the post). I am still left thinking that a guy that sets greenhouses alight must be pretty fucking cool and defo worth a vote for that alone.

one day left to register to vote! SO DO IT

ART SHeffield 2010

I have put off writing a review about  ART sheffield 2010 for a number of reasons. Usually I would re-write this out on a word document and take extra care and try and figure out how to make me sound smarter than i am.

those days have passed. well, no actually i’m lying. but i am writing this straight from my head. no editing and not alot of research to back up what i’m saying. (PLEASE NOTE I’M not really going to talk that much about the art but rather the context of this show)

the irony in me talking about taking care of what i write on this blog – mirrors the ART SHEFFIELD 2010 art show. biennale. whatever you would like to call it. It is quite comically named after that very boring book taht was once considered kind of revolutionary in the early 70s – LIFE: A USERS MANUAL .Ermmmmm, yeah?!

Under the curatorial guidance of Frédérique Bergholtz and Annie Fletcher, they wanted to use these terms ” affect”. whilst using the book as a curatorial guide.  Not a good choice i think. I mean a guide to life is a pretty big statement. it reminds me of when  i was in my 2nd year of art school talking ALOT (too much !) about the spectacle and the commodity in life because I had just learnt and finially understood alot of art texts i was reading. when asked how exactly my work is about the spectacle as architecture without using any buzz words, i tripped out. i felt like i had lost my vocabulary. did i actually know what these words really meant? can i produce art in my own thoughts first.

this was the same problem with ART SHEFFIELD 2010. What did it actually amount too?

I read most of their reading list from a symposium that they held some months before the opening of show, some of the thinkers on there were the greats such as chicago’s brian holmes. the awesome master-mind theoriest with some great texts on geo-politics. i meantion brian because being semi-located in chicago, i can see where his research and ideas comes from having worked with AREA Chicago for a short period last year.

In chicago, it is  a city that still has huge class boundaries, a city of industry lost. Yet because of it’s chip-on its shoulder the chi-town had become this amazingly socially and politically active with urgency place. i had never seen this type of community alive with such disinction and drive in the whole of the USA or UK.

Now i bring up identity because ART Sheff 10 is supposedly a lot based on linguistics and language. exemplified by the works in the millennium art gallery.

The Yorkshire Artspace by FAR is the worst curated and display of work EVER. Seriously. Check it out. I’m not even sure it has enough substance or technic to actually cundrum up the strength of becoming art.

S1 and Bloc Art Space had the best work in the whole show which looked nice, but you’re kind of sure that you’ve seen this type of work in another form elsewhere. (Bloc’s art piece looks like charlie dimmock from groundforce has gone in and done a water feature cross art piece). it claims taht it is a “quest of sculpture”

the lingistics here are what’s most interesting. A quest indeed? Was Art Sheff a Quest to be a show?

curatorially the theme – despite the effort of trying to “take care” became quite the opposite.  it’s like parenting. let them go to be happy or free or however that phrase goes.

Don’t try and push a culture or an identity that doesn’t fit onto a place. chicago and sheffield may well both be ex post-industrial towns with a huge working class population, except one’s artworld is alot more genuine than the other. and i will give you a guess as to who that is….

it’s not sheffield ;).

i wonder what could have happened if we had actually trusted a less-known book or curator, or tried too hard to sound cultured and relevant?  perhaps we would have had a much more interesting risk- engaging curatorial premise?

how about we invite someone who has something to do with Sheffield?

Like the Whitney (although not much better) they always get whitney curators to curate. why would you bring in someone who doesn’t know the space when you’re dealing with it specifically?

This flying around, foreign curator culture is just really getting too much these days.

please sheffield, show me something good. no. show me something GREAT.

i think i might be going back to camp

imagine that!

it would be awesome if i did!

but now i’m going about like a crazy person trying to do a 100 things at once!

it’s so much harder these days to get visa’s than it was in 2007!

so much harder!

you have to get 3 references. i’m like whhart? 3 REFERENCES that’s kind of crazy.

so alot of the blog posts next might be all about this.

Currently devizing  a lecturer on Research Excellence Feedback system. yeahhhhh. watch this is space!


sometimes it doesn’t just rain, it pours.

today was one crazy day. it’s one of those days that just makes you wish that you never got outta bed for. now, forget that it was mildly productive, putting my work up and taking some decent pictures. and designing logos for a new up and coming awesome chicago based company and thinking about website designing over this easter bank holiday.

it’s been just a bad luck day. maybe cuz its april fools or something.  i left the house in justa  hoody because it was a beautiful BEAUTIFUL day. clear skies and sun!  i left for the studio on my bike. on my way i notice that my back wheel on my bike is ridicilously flat – i have come to conclusion that some how i ahve obtained a slow puncture. brilliant.

I then some how ruin my headphones – dunno how. so now they only work in one ear. at first i thought FUCK NO. its not  my ipod AGAIN is it? I just got it fixed!  but i was then kind of relieved that once i got to the studio i found out it was just my headphones. but relief still turned into being miffed! i can’t get any new headphones at least until Loan day – in T-Minus 11 days. YES i am counting down. I have already mentally spent a good chunk of it.

(I’m super hoping and praying that a higher being will see my financial struggles and make Hallam see that Smizz needs a pretty decent payout on the hardship fund. )

so the rest of the day went fine, until i needed to get home and it was heavy down pour rain, but i thought – hey i can get home and warm up after cycling in the heavy rain WITHOUT A DAMN COAT cuz it was sunny when I left.Except the universe had a bigger and better plan for me. It decided that it would be super funny to make me be locked out in the crazy crazy rain without a coat and no one being near to let me.   i eventually after an hour get intouch with gemma whom apparently has been in the local pub all along. she meets me half way with the keys to the house. i get to the house thinking – finally – i can DRY OFF! nope. the universe has bigger plans. apparently the door lock has broke, or something – attempted break in! and fucked up the lock so we couldn’t get into the house! and no money and soaked i didnt know what to do. so i call gemma up again – and she walks all the way back from the pub and after trying it herself we sit in the car. and decide to try to break into the house via our kitchen window.

it was too easy. it was like giving candy to a baby.  i dunno why we havent been robbed before. so we are able to dry off. but thats an unnecessary £50 we have to pay for the locksmith 2moz. fuck.

and then. yes there’s more! i’m super poorly now. i’ve been sick through my nose twice. and this is why i’m writing this ridiculusly long blog. i feel so sick. i can’t sleep.  but that’s oaky because now i can get on with my diet. i actually dont mind being sick if i can loose abit of weight. awesome.

soapbox over//.?!

happy good friday friends!

conspiracy theory no.1.

i have a story for EVERYTHING. Trust.

i live with my best friends in an apartment in an old victorian house. There’s 3 apartments in total in the building and we are on the 2nd floor.

The neighbours above us are like some sexual deviants.  man, you don’t even wanna hear the sorta stuff and people they bring home to do it. daaaaaaaaamn. and when they’re not doing that – they play really bad guitar music and play MUSE live DVD really live at stupid o’clock whilst having Thriller parties (dedicated to MJ) at like 2 am. stomping around. And if this wasn’t bad enough – they’re like 40+ years old. come on guys!

Whilst the neighbours below us are totally drug dealers.

i’m pretty sure they are. my friend dropped me off from the movies the other night and we couldn’t park their car because there were 7 black cabs/taxi’s parked right outside our house. people, strange people, are always going in and out the house at all hours of the day.  i’m pretty sure they use the taxi system to deal it out.  that’s kinda smart.  i think this is gonna end up in one of my crazy paranoid maps.


i work very hard

i did this reflections piece for #class and in it, i said that I was bitter.

i was given advise of that i need to stop being bitter by my previous professor, michael corris, saying that i need to forget what was – and concentrate on what will be. and what is right now. i didn’t think it was bitterness until a few months ago.

i said in my new years resolutions that i would try and concentrate on what is and will be. but its difficult doing that with such baggage that i have. because the problems of the past still linger in the shadows. it is exactly this baggage which makes me bitter.

i see everyone else getting the respect that they deserve – (not everyone…. exaggeration there!) but a lot of folks. i have worked from the god-damn bottom up yo! i’ve been homeless, i’ve helped my mom back to health from cancer – and my family is a superrrrrr small unit – it’s me, my mom and my younger bro, i’ve never got ANY financial support from family for college, travel and the internships that i’ve done, i work many part time jobs, lived below the poverty line for much of my life, and i have the WORST credit check you can think of. and it’s fine because everything i do, i do in my own terms.

and i always feel like i dont deserve to be at college. i should be working. it’s all about the work ethic in my family. i constantly feel inadequate, you know, because i grew up very uncultured, poor education and thus i’m not as smart as your normal kid. but i’ve still come along way. so i get paranoid that everyone knows i’m stupid.

And then i see people (people i don’t know & people i do know) who live off parents trust funds, and shit like that. have this luxurious life of being able to rest on their morals  in their parents basement – painting or whatever – without having to work a job, and just waiting for their career to blossom.

Now i’m not saying they dont deserve it or that they dont work as hard. this would be untrue.

I just have this bitterness that no one really appericates what i do ya know. and i’m young – but i don’t think this will change. i think no one will know who the fuck sarah smizz is.  or if they do, they’ll be like- taht stupid 12 year old looking kids from the UK.  I’ve come along way people. imagine what i could be if i had come from a nice comfortable semi culture life?  yeaaaaaah.

I’m just saying, i think hard work should be respected just as much as reinventing the wheel.

now i’ve got that off my chest. I can go back to trying not to be bitter.