8 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

8 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism Currently, I’m wanting to loose weight.  So I’ve started jogging and stuff. This article actually sounds alright.   By WLR Dietitian Juliette Kellow BSc RD   Get active – it’s a sure-fire way to increase the amount of muscle you have, which in turn will speed up yourContinue reading “8 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism”

PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution]

PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution] is an amazing group from the 80’s that was pretty short lived. Their whole archived collection of work is available to look at by appointment at the MoMA, Queens. The PAD/D is an interesting group because it’s a huge group of artists that came together not to chat aboutContinue reading “PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution]”

The Rules to Using the Subway

If riding the subway do NOT: Have your feet right out, so people can trip over them. And if they do, don’t get mad – it’s your own fault! Don’t take up 2/3 seats wid your legs wide open and/or shopping at peak times. That’s so fucking annoying. I don’t wanna particularily want to sitContinue reading “The Rules to Using the Subway”

Smizz’s Life Objectives.

Today I just had a chilling out day. Too much partying makes me very chilled and lazy. So I’ve read some poetry and art. And chilled at the South Sea Port (which was VERY touristy) And took some pictures.Wrote some ideas down, and wrote my life objectives that has taken me 20 years to figureContinue reading “Smizz’s Life Objectives.”