Ever get this…

(one of THEM posts again) That you look over your work, or an essay… or perhaps even maybe just something simple like an email  and gone OH MY GOD! WTF am I doing? Well not so much in those words, but I’m just deciding on what work to put forward for my Skowhegan application –Continue reading “Ever get this…”

slam jam sheffield uk poetry night

Cake artspace is above Lounge Bar =  270 Glossop Road / west street, Sheffield, S10 2HS. 2nd december 2008, 7:30pm onwards open mic, music n drinks FREE, suggested donation

Wazzzup!?! A Revisit

So you remember in the 1999’s there was that fucking annoying commericial on advertising buswiser, and everyone would copy it. Well I just found it on YouTube and it reminded me just own ANNOYING it was. But more interestingly: Two terms of George W. Bush’s leadership have sure managed to change things. The original BudweiserContinue reading “Wazzzup!?! A Revisit”

Things are all good in the hood.

Over the recent weeks I can’t believe my luck. Usually something good happens, and it’s good. and it is left at that. What has happened recently, in the past weeks, is like a 100 good things. I am worried. Why!?!?!?! Because I’m clearly in the line for some shit-hardcore bad luck. I’ve been across america,Continue reading “Things are all good in the hood.”