My to do list 2mozzle

It’s that time of year where my somewhat slacking off has started to make a come back. a nasty come back. like a spice girls come back. SO. tomoz is the working classes bank holiday. and as a working class kid i shall be honoring that by getting up around 10ish (cna’t be too hardContinue reading “My to do list 2mozzle”

Let Smizz’s diet commence!

It’s not secret that my many american trips, poor finances and lack  of excercise have all accounted to a poorer diet which has in turn made my breasts HUGE?! my weight change has totally gone straight to them! I’ve never really noticed it before now!  until i wore orange at a party 3 weeks ago:Continue reading “Let Smizz’s diet commence!”

I don’t think I’ll take the greyhound again

Or at least for a very long time! Smizz’s new travel rules Don’t get a departuring flight back home before midday if your flight is less than 4 hours long. Don’t ride the Greyhound for journey’s that take longer than 8 hours. Take the train but bring a laptop and DVDs and a spare changeContinue reading “I don’t think I’ll take the greyhound again”