This is for my friends who…

…are working full time. and wasting their potential.
Now I ain’t one of those people who think going to university will instantly make sure I will get an okay moderately paid job that I instantly love! Nah. But if you have the chance of getting a better job than working at Morrisions doing something you truely love then I think you should take all the opportunities open to you.
Its not even the whole job prospectus.
Seriously guys, go to uni, nick trolleys, make the fire brigade come out over burnt toast (if your landlord cares then they will; ours dont) and win the pub quiz on a question about homosexuals. Thats the life! And yesssssssssss.
I hope you do it.

And it’s all real.

Strawberry jam sandwiches was all you ate
When times seemed easier and our thoughts
were how to spend our day with laughter and troublesome grins
you said we’d be friends forever
we had soul in our hearts and you
didnt care of the dysfunctionalism of the dirt on my hands that
you helped wash all away.
but my caresome skies haunted me
like bad karma
your fractured heart was mended
by the guy you love yet you manage
to stop mine from beating so
the skies aren’t so careless anymore
they tell vicious lies and strike me when i feel cold and
dead, from when I see Kodak moments of your new life

i’m moving on now – but I didn’t want
it to end on nothing
on forgotten memories of past whispers that echo barran streets
that i roam looking for you and strewbarry jam sandwichs
You can keep the frame that I bought you from new york
because I can’t stand looking at a picture
that prooves to me that I am blind.
someone once told me never forget your dreams

I can’t forget mine because they have you in.

I wrote this last summer when I was feeling sorry for my excluded assssss!

This is kinda scary, right?!

So today I had my assessment. It was kool. It went rather well marks wise! And since my bike had gotten stolen and my assessment went well i thought that it was about time I gave something back to society, and generate some good karama interest shizzle. So Giving blood is the way i believe, you are actually saving someone’s life. Its not the first time i hav given blood- Ive done it 3 time prior and am even a bone marrow donar. I am considering if i put weight on then i will become a blood pattlette donar for cancer patients. You know, for more good karama right?
But this isn’t why I am writing this blog. The reason why i am doing this blog is because after the truma of having a pint of blood drained from my 8 stone 2 pound body, i was maxing and relaxing stealin and eatin buscuits whilst watching the ITN news. Usually just shit I was expecting just nasty conservative, all for labour bias, middle class put 2gether new articles. However i was VERY SUPrIsed! and SCARED!
I mean not like, ” oh, Steven Garades bio is a best seller.” ( as scary as that might be for literacy within the UK) No. It was something about global warming. Now yes, i am aware that a select fewof you guys that know me I am a somwhat (fool) conspiracy hoe and are kind of obsessed with the idea of global warming and since i have been old enough to understand it (not forgetting the awesome movie The Day After Tomorrow ) i have always believed that its going to happen in our lifetime and soon.
So here i am stuffing myface with free buscuits and drinking minging lemon diluted soda and there’s a knobish middle class man stood in the middle of the anartica (live!) with what looks scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuz of alllllll the melting ice!
So if this wasn’t enough, it then went to another reporter who was reporting from Cartaret Islands near Papua New Guinea.
These island are getting covered from rising seas levels. and the residents are going to be the first refuges of a country that has been swollowed by the sea due to global warming! the Times news paper quotes, ” Then these islands at the end of the Earth will simply vanish.”
Now call me what you like but that has SCARED ME. Think about the UK. We are just as small and insignificant and just floatin around on our own. What stops 20 years of global warming sea levels rising and taking us over? We could be refugees in russia before we know it lol?
Despite this, I don’t want expensive air fare. Sounds contradictory right?but AN Independant news article last year about March time annouced that we have passed the mark of being able to change anything. Global warming is happening and in its cycle of just one step towards an ice age.
The ironic and horrible thing is, this island that is being engulfed by rising sea levels is not due to them, It is due to the westernised countries lack of concern and greediness within its economic system (cough*america*cough). Fair enough i they all drove cars but they were pretty much all organic and didnt have cars n such. Shame on us.

And get ready to evacuate to a library like in the movie The Day After 2morrow so we can burn books and keep ourselves warm whilst the eye of the storm takes over us.

on a higher note… I’m not sure lol. The Pursuit of Happyness is over-rated. :o)

Sheffield the safest city in the UK? MY ASS!!

Those select few of my 156 viewers a week, readers – who may or may not be from the UK – should know that if you are planning to live, study or even just visit Sheffield it is renown for its safe environment and very low crime rate- especially considering tha it is a city in an extremely deprived area, from the collapse of the steal works.
Now I don’t take statistics at face value, I never have – On the contary, I HATE statistics (with this too famous quote, “People only say statistics when they get backed into a corner…” – this indeed is also true) I don’t think that they are truer facts – and if I was doing a piece of research I might look at statsitics – but i’d much rather go for the qualitative research methods as apposed to quantitative which statistics are part of.
Now I haven’ decided to blog this just to give you a gcse social studies debate on the relativeness and usefullness of research methods – But to WARN all people in Sheffield and the world in general – and to use my lil fustration (not much to be honest) productively, slightly. (she says bloggin instead of doing artwork at 11:50pm)
Last night my studio art group wanted to give me a belated birthday celebration which included a drink at this pub that resembled something off the old, retired BBC sitcom? drama? show called, “Goodnight Sweetheart”. This pub, the name escapes me now, is just across fro the Access Space art studio and on the same road as SHU union and the Showroom. Inbetween the showroom and this pub, and across from the Union is some bike racks. So in my poor unemployed state – and with one of my new years resolutions to be more fit and bike places instead of catching the bus- I decided to take my bike believing that Sheffield center was pretty safe- espcially in that area and since it had a nice bike lock on it- should be fine. With it could get stolen in the back of my mind.
Well we went 2 watch a movie, but it had sold out so we headed to the Odeon to find it latest showing started at 8:30 and it was now 9:10. So we settled to chillin at Bears and Bungalow’splace on Division street. It was ace. a nice night out and I discovered an alcoholic substance that was real nice- Sailor Jerks and Coke- try it sometime!
It came to 12ish and some people decided to go, and i decided to go with them. But they were all going the opposite way, i neede dto get my bike near teh Showroom so alone I travelled along the empty dark streets of sheffield( I always thought taht a city would be more packed) I got to the top of the street and I could tell that my bike had been stolen, i could see the bike racks empt. Not even my chain left. Fook.
Then like a movie, it just started to rain as I stood alone, cold, in my none-waterproof hood and had to walk 0.6 miles back to my place in china town in the dark, in the rain – feelin fooked off at a theif.
But never mind, perhaps it was a sign??
Anyways this is a lesson to be learnt. Don’t be a tight ass! I could have got the bus for 1.10 (rip off) and then walked home with some(still in the rain though) Instead I will now have to pay £60 insurance excess or even worse £300 for a new bike.
So you’re all thinking, well. That doesn’t really proove that its actually unsafe or whatever. Here is what happened to some of my friends – since October of 2006
One friend got broken into – at our student accomdation! and had his laptop, weed and £50 stolen.
Someone else at our place had a brick thrown at/through her window
Someone tried crowbarring our door open to the accomodation
Another collegaue had their bike stolen, which also was chained up outside our place, stolen
Another friend of mine got beat up by randoms near Waitrose supermarket.
Not forgetting there is a road somewhere behind us that 3 people had been raped on last year alone.

And there’s more but thats only a small thing.
So is Sheffield the safest city in the uk? MY bum, yo. Hell No. I don’t believe anybody who tells you otherwise. if any of you guys have a suspension bike that you are wanting to sell or give away. please contact me on myspace. thelink is at the side. Thank you very muchoooo

I am sure that everybody wants to know that it is indeed my birthday. Well it was in UK time, still is in the US of A.
So we ate mexican food- i carted my new SLR camera around to document such an event with my “back in the day” hommies. However my batteries died on me and I dunno whether Lithium are indeed rechargeable and I don’t want to take the risk that I took with recharging normal Batteries. (This was indeed where they exploded leaking battery acid on my arm! and damaged the plug socket whilst also making the battery charger unusable again – the explosion took a while for me 2 click on what it was so i sat up scared most of the night. thinkin a ghost was about! there were other moments too – like when i put normal batteries in the mobile phones within the house- that was fun)
So i shrugged and carried on my normal day. I got to uni- and having already handed in my log books the day before didn’t ahve that to worry about. The night before I had watched I Shot Andy Warhol. I thought the movie was pretty awesome and now inspired to read s.c.u.m Manifesto. Brilliant. my uni friends bought a hell alot of Coca-cola for me which believe it or not was exceptionally grateful and suprised! (having expected 2 get nothing).
It was ace chilling with my old friends. Kezwilla is always a treat
espeically when shouting out racial ignorance even louder than normal due to headphones and the echo of a doorway! Although anyone who didn’t know kezwilla, and if we weren’t in Doncaster, a normal person walking casually down the street would be excessively shocked by kezz’s ignorance. She even has her own KKK – aka – Kezwilla’s Kool Klan.
I have assesments on Tuesday next week. i feel like i have hardly done anywork. when inreality i have done some. it would be fine for A level. Im not sure of the work content for a degree but i am assuming more! lol so its time to get my art on – i’d have way more having i not had a job for the last 4 months. lol.. oh well

by the way, anyone know of any cheap sites for flight to new york – i’m gettin home sick ;o)