it’s been so long since i posted something that

the wordpress site has completely changed! whoooo. I have some kick-ass arty stuff to show you all. And i need to update my website, and i received my USA WORK VISA. holla at me! i leave you with this: once a chinese philosopher said, “am i a man dreaming that he is a butterfly? or a butterflyContinue reading “it’s been so long since i posted something that”

smizz bitch at an article in the independant today Check out this article above printed in todays Independant. Mary Ann Sieghart’s betrayal of the middle class article is a betrayal to social class justice. Look at the assumptions in her article: working class students don’t work as hard as middle class students, that poor students are taking away ALL the places at unis thatContinue reading “smizz bitch at an article in the independant today”

after another birthday

My friend Bwizz always thinks that every time a birthday of mine comes around, I see it as an opportunity to start something – a project, an adventerous piece of writing, ect – to convince myself that I am doing something that gives me some relevance to my existence and ambitions. He would be slightlyContinue reading “after another birthday”