Sheffield the safest city in the UK? MY ASS!!

Those select few of my 156 viewers a week, readers – who may or may not be from the UK – should know that if you are planning to live, study or even just visit Sheffield it is renown for its safe environment and very low crime rate- especially considering tha it is a cityContinue reading “Sheffield the safest city in the UK? MY ASS!!”

So yeah, I am an art student. Here’s some art shizzle

S1 Art space. Members only show. 14/11 – 10/12, Sheffield I quite liked this space as a space. Because it was quite small, Sheffield based and there were quite a lot of artists work on exhibit it seemed to give an impression of an artistic community/family between the artists that use the studio, which remindedContinue reading “So yeah, I am an art student. Here’s some art shizzle”

places I was never meant to be anyhow….

this idea was inspired by chinaka hodge, who was inspired by the actual book: places I was never meant to be anyhow.. -Angelou, Maya: “still singin’, ‘cuz ya’ll motherfuckers won’t lift this goddamned cage.” -Baldwin, James: “I’m so glad I’m not openly gay now.” -Bradbury, Ray: “give agatha Christie my poop-infested regards.” -Carrol, Lewis: “IContinue reading “places I was never meant to be anyhow….”

Smizz’s face is so greasey part 2

the select few of you who were familar with my previous blog will remember part 1. For all those who aren’t …!2F9E2A3744373609!2355.trak and here is part 2 to pick up from that resolutions post. My face is so greasy. HOW GREASY IS IT?! My face is so greasy… It freezes in the cold andContinue reading “Smizz’s face is so greasey part 2”