knicked from my hommies blog

from “Class of 2007″ by Peter Oborne, The Big Issue Nov. 19-25 Issue no.771… “The culture of incompetence that has become a special hallmark of modern British government is the direct result of the absence of any meaningful managerial experience amongst the political class. Very serious decisions are made with a lack of preparation orContinue reading “knicked from my hommies blog”

I need to move to Columbia or something…

I mean I love the cold weather as much as the next person right? But I actually like it hot!! And if i moved to a country that’s hotter – i would save the climate [and my housemates more money] cuz there would be less heating! I was thinking, hmmmm Columbia! Breath Taking Views with majestic mountainContinue reading “I need to move to Columbia or something…”