Parra Illustrator

I totally digg this work: Each week we were making one new design available via the Arkitip Intel but we have now placed the entire collection online. 32-year-old Dutch illustrator and designer Parra has decorated the Amsterdam underground with his playful, bizarre graphics that span a broad base of themes, from introspective to audacious and bawdy. TheContinue reading “Parra Illustrator”

USA ROAD-TRIP!? what to see!?

The world cup is almost upon us, which is brilliant news for me because I’ve planned to be out of the country for the duration. What’s more, I’m going to America! The idea is to take a month-long coast-to-coast road/plane/train trip, during which I’ll be behind the wheel for precisely zero miles because I stillContinue reading “USA ROAD-TRIP!? what to see!?”

green fingers smizz

For my birthday, Jen bought me an awesome Bonsai tree. She bought me a tree because last  year i nursed a parsley plant back to health from near death and we called him Terrance. She named my new Bonsai tree Mike. Bonsai tree’s, unlike many other plans, are dramatic plants! It’s a constant rollercoaster lookingContinue reading “green fingers smizz”

postcards wanna be’s: DID ART LIE TO YOU?

Just something fun to keep me entertained whilst I’m ill. My practice isn’t anything like this but I imagine that these are the beginnings of a really fun screen print series. Or postcards. There are more and some of these need re-designing .  but i’m feeling like i can get into this regular blogging again.Continue reading “postcards wanna be’s: DID ART LIE TO YOU?”


I have just booked myself a NYC ticket for the 16th Feb. Hopefully customs will let me in. Birmingham (BHX) Depart 09:00 Terminal 1 to Newark (EWR) Arrive 12:00 Terminal B 3,375 mi (5,432 km) Duration: 8hr 0mn CO Continental Flight: 27 Newark (EWR) Depart 19:00 Terminal C to Birmingham (BHX) Arrive 06:55 +1 day Terminal 1 3,375 mi (5,432 km) Duration: 6hrContinue reading “life”

Quote of the new year

At the gate he topped me and asked, “Where is the master going?’ “I don’t know ,” i SAID, “Just out of here, just out of here. Out of here, nothing else, it’s the only way I can reach my goal” “So you know your goal?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied, ” I’ve just toldContinue reading “Quote of the new year”


SLAM JAM is back and at a brand new location; Bloc Studios! Its the same format as before, different location and cheaper drinks!!! Hosted once more by friend of CAKE, half-pint-sized ghetto superstar (critically acclaimed by the New York Times) Sarah Smizz. If you want to be on the line up get in touch atContinue reading “SLAM JAM: SLAM POETRY NIGHT SHEFFIELD”

How to Write an Artist statement, word?!

Forget art school. Smizzy has the answers….. No I actually, I don’t have ALL the answers – but I do know where to find the answers that I seek.  Well, answers are usually more like tips to help you find your own personal answer – but resembles some sort of answer never-the-less. I realized aContinue reading “How to Write an Artist statement, word?!”