Everything is fragile.

Mid-20’s isn’t that old, but I feel like I’ve aged 2 lifetimes in the past 3 years. Maybe aging like that makes you look back a bit more. Just as you can see from my blog, my focuses in life have shifted; I’m not just looking for self-improvement in what I can change per-say, but  more to learn how to have grace in the parts of me that won’t budge, or have grace in things I can’t control right now.

One of the hardest parts of having to adapt to being a much slower, less  interesting and hardly a multi-tasker Smizz due to illness, is being observed 24/7. I used to invite people to watch my performance of trying to make it in the artworld— I’d post lots of things I’d make, constantly advertise myself – I kind of craved the attention— but I had no idea that it was going to open me up to some damaging mindsets. It now makes me feel like I need to be on top of my shit 24 hours a day, and I can’t do that anymore. Mainly because I’m either in bed (mostly), studying (secondly),  drawing, or out trying to live life (making up for 1 & 2).  I’ve been trying to learn the “It’s okay to say no to things sometimes. Because if you can’t say no, you can’t fully say yes”.

I’m no longer  living up to the persona I assigned to myself.  I feel like I’m not only letting everyone down who invested their time into me, but I’ve let it make me believe I’m letting myself down too.

So after feeling like I was going to die, and feeling really sorry for myself. After not having the mental /energy capacity to work on my own work, just enough to work on others (which has been/is amazing, and I needed it to survive- both mentally & financially). After seeing people who I admire and respect because of their vision & dignity, struggle in this world. After months and months and months of wishing I could be part of it,  I returned from this ordeal to resume work and rejoin the artworld, but  my membership had expired. I felt like the Artworld had forgotten about me. And everything I made and saw seemed like trivial bullshit—because quite a bit of it was/is (not all of it). Disingenious money grabs.  all speed was stupid.  Some things was just despicable, because it stole the dignity of everyone involved. We deserve better.

This is harsh criticism, and way super cynical, but it is how I felt at the time. These feelings have eased a lil bit, but I’ve always had a critical view on the Artworld because I’ve always been coming from a disadvantaged point anyways. And I’m a Marxist. However, noticing the bad also makes it easier to see and notice the good. Many of the things I love about the artworld are still here, and doing maybe better than some of the crappy parts of the Artworld.


My friends, Lesley Guy & Dale Holmes did this super cool show  at Bloc Projects in Sheffield about Pizza  a few weeks ago. It was so good I went home & ordered a Domineos.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 15.58.44


One of the best artists out there Gregory Sholette is trying to crowd-source this phenomenal project. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/imaginary-archive-kyiv –  Which is an Imaginary Archive – a collection of fictional and real documents from a past whose future never arrived of Ukraine. It’s such a special and important exhibition, and so necessary at this time, so if you can find the time/$ to support it, that would be amazing!


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 16.10.17



I really, really, really want to see William Powhida’s phenomenal “overculture” show at the most AMAZING gallery Postmasters NY, that just opened this week. Powhida’s practice is about helping us see how fucked up things are and to inspire us to strive to a world of justice, supporting (art) world which encourages criticality and  risks.  it’s basically the (art)world we all really want, yet too scared to bite the hand that feeds us.  I keep putting (art) like this, because the artworld is just a microscopism of the ‘real’ fucked up world. Every problem within the artworld is a problem within non-art-related society. Mainly because it’s the same shitty force that drives both: greed and value in the banal, and unethical under-valued/under-paid labour in order to make $$. When in actuality, there’s significant power in our dark-matter-ness if we realize it, together.


My focus  and definition on “progress” made it easy  for me to forget that you can turn around from traveling in a wrong direction, and return to the place where things last felt right. You can go back. Now I feel like I’m starting from the beginning with my personal art practice, and it felt like a failure. But I’m slowly accepting that sometimes going back is sometimes progress.

A few painful years has taught me 1 of the important lessons about life: you only become bulletproof when you refuse to disguise your injuries. The wounds are a gift: You learn how to accept help, and better yet, how to better give it. This in turn is another reason why I’m studying again, to emulate the best care & understanding I kind of know that the patient needs. Remember: if you need help. Ask for it. We can’t do it all alone. All the time.

Life is now somehow more precious and less. I’m now back to my humble beginnings: To share what you know.

So that’s part of what I’ve been quietly doing/working on with F/O/R/C/E, a collaboration with Paul Harrison and a few others – >  forcelectures.org

Don’t wait for a life disaster to be the thing that spurs you into action. Everything is fragile and you are more resilient than you think.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 12.53.10


Smizz’s Bucketlist – Revisited – Nearly a year on

In a few months time, it will be a 2 years anniversary of when I got told that I might have cancer. A Lymphoid Malignancy to be exact. I’ve spent many, many posts dedicated to trying to get my head around not having an ultimate certainty that most 24 year olds have.

When you’re young, you kind of feel invinsible. Not in a Superman way – but in a – Oh yeah, let’s buy concert tickets for next year, or in 5 years we’ll buy a house sort of invincible. You make promises to do something awesome in the near future. In my case – I bought some plane tickets to NYC. My Doctor told me that I needed to cancel my trip.

And sure , the future is of course a never existing thing – a constraint of a “big picture” and no-ones future is ever a certainty – as you could get hit by a car or be in a natural disaster. But I’ve always thought I’d never make it to 30. I’ve always had this feeling that I wouldn’t live to be old. You can ask any of my  friends from high-school, I’ve always said this. But I always assumed it would be a tragic bike accident or something, not an illness. I mean, it still could be a bike accident that kills me off, but you know?

What does this mean for me? This past year has just ruined my bigger picture over-all. But that’s not a bad thing necessarily. I think sometimes it’s better to focus on smaller pictures, and so that these smaller pictures can eventually add to a collage of a more interesting big-picture.  “I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.”

There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars. So, guys, I’m here for a good time, not a long time!  Last year I was worried that I wouldn’t make it back to the USA again. I panicked and made a Bucketlist.  And so here it is, this is an very incomplete, living list, re-evaluated, re-wrote. Over time, I’ll update it to add things I’ve forgotten and to cross off things I’ve accomplished.

  1. Show an internationally renowned gallery
  2. Get published in a nationally-distributed print publication
  3. Be on the cover of a major magazine
  4. Stay in a new country/ one place for a full year
  5. Own a genuine William Powhida artwork
  6. Learn to properly carve wood
  7. Skydive
  8. Run a marathon (practicing 5-10k runs in prep for this)
  9. Sail South America
  10. Learn to cook (I can obviously cook, but I wanna be amazing & i’m beginning to learn the craft)
  11. Speak Italian fluently (Started this)
  12. Live in Italy for a whole year
  13. Get a drawing on the cover of the New Yorker
  14. Surf
  15. Go to the Big Sur
  16. Ride the trans-siberian railway from China to London
  17. Create something that touches a hundred million people
  18. See actual lava
  19. Experience not being super scared to check my bank balance
  20. Create a piece of life-saving research
  21. Actually finish University & get a job straight away into Radiotherapy & Oncology/Medicine
  22. Give away a billion dollars
  23. Learn to make proper awesome cocktails
  24. Teach/Learn at an Ivy League University
  25. Sit in the Oval Office
  26. Meet Obama
  27. Buy a round of drinks for an entire bar
  28. Visit all of Thailand
  29. Visit Japan, specifically Tokyo
  30. Visit NYC
  31. Visit California
  32. Live in Brooklyn
  33. Live in Brooklyn again and for longer!
  34. See all 50 USA States! (up to 42 currently)
  35. Visit Patagonia
  36. Teach at University level
  37. Write a sit-com
  38. Be in a movie
  39. Live in LA or San Francisco
  40. Have my work printed in a Taschen Published book
  41. Work for a cool start-up
  42. Bike  at least 1 part of the Tour De France
  43. Find Love
  44. Visit Hawai
  45. Travel First class on a plane & not pay to do so
  46. Do what you love
  47.  Love what you do.
  48. Go to New Orleans
  49. Draw a TEDx Talk
  50. Sleep on a beach & look at the stars
  51. Go to a SNL live recording
  52. Skateboard down a San Francisco hill.
  53. Go to Bali
  54. Learn to Snow Board
  55. Live in Canada
  56. Make a positive difference
  57. Do something worth-while for others
  58. Private
  59. Private
  60. Private
  61. Private
  62. Private

Things that should always be strived for:

-Find true-love

– Be loved

Be a better person

– Be thankful for every day and all the amazing friends I have.

– Do what you love, and LOVE What you do (continue)

This much I do know: (reflection on 2012 & life in general)


2012 has been a year of awesomeness but a huge steep learning curve for me. Things started off amazing. I got the SITE Gallery Residency, met some awesome people, and I quit Coca-Cola, I still had my bookstore job and things felt good.

But I started to feel really unusually tired, and worn down. I brushed my shoulders off & blamed the no drinking coke thing, started to drink it again to reverse the supposedly effects, and ignored what my body was trying to tell me: that something wasn’t right. I started getting incredible bone ache around my left side of my body-specifically my shoulder, and drenching night-sweats. I lost over 1.5 stones in weight (that I had somehow put on a few months previously) without even trying! I got nosebleeds regularly for no reason, had an enlarged spleen for a while, lost my appetite, lost my get-up-and-go. I kept up with work, and took any opportunity open to me, but I slowly lost my connection with a whole community of people because I couldn’t make it to their exhibition openings and such – as I felt so poorly/tired. Which sucked more than anything.

Great work:

But I carried on working, regardless. Thanks to the amazing Doc/Fest crew, I got another chance at being their resident artist – and they recommended me to draw a TEDx talk in Sheffield, which got me my new part-part time job in London that I started in November!  Drawing a TEDx talk was a dream come true, and continuing to work with Sheffield Doc/Fest is one of the best-things ever.  My role on the Gravity Lecture series at Sheffield Hallam University has grown substantially. And I feel equal to my colleagues, where my ideas are often pushed forward. Which is insanely awesome. Even gaining some teaching opportunities – which I never thought would happen unless I did a PhD.

The “Unifying diagnose”: 

I went back to America to work for the YMCA for my 3rd year in a row. That place is now like family. It was here where people were pretty concerned about my mystery illness that my UK doctor had said was just “probably a mono-style-virus”. They made me see a specialist in haematology & oncology (despite me not wanting to) who told me that “a unifying diagnosis is a lymphoid malignancy”. Yeah, pretty hardcore stuff.

In denial  I carried on ignoring all these signs. Against doctors orders, I continued to work & do our legendary roadtrip from coast to coast in a month. But things became apparent on my roadtrip, that this was probably no virus. I left it until October to go back to my GP with a cough I still have, Taychicardia, & some lumps and all the above symptoms, and 2 months later I started fainting, and getting blinding white spots in the bottom half of my vision, i flunked my field of vision test at the Opticians when my actual vision is fine, and now my immune system is completely compromised. I’ve picked up pretty much everything that’s going around. The naro-virus, I just have to look at someone with a cold and I find myself full of snot. My tongue also looks like i’m diseased and i’ve had a  numb big toe for about 6 weeks now – which i think is in part due to what i’ve been taking medication wise.  It still hasn’t been disproven that I don’t have cancer. But, at least I’m sort of being treated with something at the moment. I  have Christmas off and go back in January for more tests, treatments & hopefully a clearer view.

What it revealed & what I’m learning from it:

This illness, whether as serious as predicted or not so serious, is humbling and extremely revealing – it has forced me to survey my life- perhaps super early than i would have- with an unforgiving eye. There are some shameful, lazy, hurtful, and weak acts in there. Everything I thought was important, suddenly seemed kind of unimportant. Everything I thought was unimportant, became important. I read a book about a guy diagnosed with cancer who said “If I live, who is it that I intend to be?” I read this and found that I too had a lot of growing up to do.

Even now, I was pissed off and taken aback when I went to see my hot GP about 3 weeks ago, about the blinding spots in my vision, who then freaked out  with me for changing my appointment with a specialist because it clashed with a work commission (ironically for the NHS). I said, “But you don’t understand, this is important” (This being Money firstly, and reputation secondly, getting more work thirdly) he said and quite aggressively for a GP, “No, Sarah, I don’t think YOU understand…. You need to put yourself first sometimes.” He was right. I don’t understand. I don’t understand why I’m still not back to normal health, and I still haven’t learnt my lesson that there ARE more IMPORTANT things in life than money, or fitting into what is socially acceptable. Dare I say it, that, you know, MY life/health is important. Reader, YOUR life is especially important.

I didn’t think people even cared about me. Until this year. I’ve witness kindness and amazing generous acts. Even from strangers. A woman who I met in the airport line, scrambled against the line at the end a plane journey to give me her card, told me to keep in touch and offered to do a bone marrow drive in NYC if it turned out I needed one.

But the one thing I am exceptionally grateful and humbled by is my friends. I keep saying it, but this is because i feel like I might have taken them for granted, or not shown them my appreciation until now. Friends are supposed to be there for you in tough times. But these guys are everything and more! They are my mirror back board. I wouldn’t have done ANY health thing if it wasn’t for them telling me to get myself checked out, or the doctor needs to know about this, ect. Even when there are moments of doubt and somewhat fear, they are there.

It made me realize that I need to make more of an effort with keeping in touch or caring about the needs of others. My art or resume won’t keep me warm at night. And if all of that ended, what would I have to show for it?

So here I am, I am trying to make every obstacle an opportunity. Doing something amazing takes so much effort and risk. Trying to fight against the inertia is wicked hard and tiring but it is ultimately the fight that counts. I’m asking myself what is meat and bones important?

I’m still figuring out stuff, but i know i see more beauty now than I ever did, I take care of my body way more now even with limited energy reserves. I try and keep and document my life just incase. It helps me see if this is what I want my life to look like. I know in 2013, I’m going to give back, help others in need. I’m going to work so much harder, I’m going to get up earlier, go to bed earlier, waste less time (harder than it looks!), i’m going to be kinder, I’m going to learn new things, I’m going to try and not let anyone down. i am going to be a better person, a better friend, a better friend to world whilst remembering it is the FIGHT that COUNTS.






Friendsgiving : Things in Life To Be Thankful For

On Thursday my amazing friends humoured me in re-doing our new Thanksgiving Tradition! We’re all British. Not one of us has American relatives, but we decided to do it because I’m a somewhat wanna-be New Yorker, and by the time November comes around, I’m already super missing the USA. My friends get this. I’m so lucky to have them.

We use Thanksgiving as a great excuse to actually do the meal we said we would do allllll year. It works because Thanksgiving is just the  1 day, and we make sure it’s traditional American cuisine, it provides us with enough rules so that we actually follow our plans through to the end.  We can’t move the day because we’re tired, or have no money. Ect, as- lets face it, we all do try to put things off, esp. if you’ve had a busy week ect.

I know Thanksgiving is pretty much a gracious tactical error of kindness from the Native Americans, but it does provide a great excuse for reflection and to tell people you’re thankful for them without feeling too Hallmark-y or stupid.

Here’s some things I’m Thankful for this year (in no particular order, they’re all equal):

1.) I am Thankful that I’m still alive, and healthy enough to actually still do what I need to do. Even though I’d love to be fixed. Hopefully soon!

2.) I’m thankful for my amazing friends and family who are unwavering with their support, generous in spirit & time, and loving unconditionally. You guys put up with a lot from me. I’ve never needed to have some people to listen to me moan, get some advise, or be pushed to figure out what’s wrong with me in my life as much as i have had this year. I think some of you actually saved my life by pushing me to get things checked out, or helping me to get there. This is just incredible. I’ll be frank, I didn’t even recognise my amazing support network until I needed it. Perhaps, that’s normal. But as I’ve said before, I’ve never felt more loved in my life, and i’m grateful to be. Thanks guys. I hope that I can give back what you give to me.

3.) I’m thankful for the amazing roadtrip and adventures that I’ve done with friends this year. There’s nothing else that makes you feel more alive than being part of the moment. I think travel helps with that. Being there, testing your limits, creating or showing up for moments that take your breath away. I’m thankful I got to go to USA again. Mane, I LOVE that place!

4.) I’m extremely thankful that my friends and family are well. I’m super thankful that my bro has found something he loves and enjoys and challenges him in a great way. I’m thankful that my mom seems content. I’m thankful that my nan is still here & healthy!

5.) I’m exxxxtremely thankful for all the AMAZING opportunities that have been given to be this year. Drawing a TEDx conference, getting a Site Gallery Residency, doing Doc/Fest again (one of my most favourite things to do in the world), teaching at University, writing my first real funding bid for someone else, Waterstones hiring me back (because they’re an awesome bunch of people to work with) and most recently – my new contract in London, ect. Seriously. I can’t quite grasp just the amazing chances I got this year. I can’t thank everyone enough, because most of these are just cuz other people gave me a chance, took a risk. I hope it paid off for y’all!

6.) I’m thankful to live in a country where Healthcare is free/affordable. I’m even more thankful for all the healthcare people that work relentlessly in a system that is currently under a lot of strain. Doctors, Nurses, assistants, receptionists – you guys rock. NHS is justa  beautiful thing.


I think in order to live the best life this is probably some good advise/reminders:

Try to wake up early. Get enough sleep. Show up. Learn how to think. Be genuine, but be nice. Use envy for motivation instead of destruction. Do what you say you’re going to do. Ensure balance in every area of your life. Confront repressed thoughts immediately. Surround yourself with people who are better than you (but remember the thing about envy). Work out every day. Be good at what you do. Do what you love. Money as a means not an ends. Travel. Test your limits. Read. Get lost. Test your ideas/thoughts. Remember, everything you think is important – isn’t. Everything that you think is unimportant- is.  Have good friends. Never settle. Lean in to it.


Guys! I’m going to Live Draw the next USA Presidential Debate!

Yep. I watched Joe Bidden tear it up this week on the VP Debates. And I thought, there are moments that would be amazing if it was live-drawn. So funny and so visual!

So here I am, I am going to LIVE DRAW THE LAST US PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. yikes! On top of this. I am ging to LIVE STREAM me doing it LIVE as the debate HAPPENS. Oh yeah. Yikes again! I can’t decide whether this will be a performance in itself.

It’s going to be challenging as I’ve never live-drawn a debate before. In fact I’ve never drawn people talk bullshit or be aggressive like The Republican party tends to be. So this is something that I’m going to have to think about how to represent without any of my personal political bias. I usually  draw talks of people talking about ideas, and amazing things that have happened ,or that they created and the problems and solutions to that adventure. So the debate drawing will be interesting to say the least!

I hope you will join me for this crazy task! And spread the word! Live streaming link and more information COMING SOON 😀

Thanks for reading yo!

Today I go to the Big Sur: A place I never thought I’d ever get to.

Today I go to the Big Sur: A place I never thought I’d ever get to. Mainly because I can’t drive – and how else would I get there. The hotels are expensive and there’s no public transport that goes close.  But I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go here, even for a few hours. Just to see it. I want to see the purple sand, I want to climb across the cliff tops. Feel real. Go to that place that Jack Kerouac writes about, that the kid in Into The Wild runs aways to.

I hope it’s as beautiful as i think it will be. And even if it’s not. I don’t care. I got there.

In less than a weeks time, my dream trip will be over. I will be on a plane going home to confirm whether I really do have Lymphoma, or hopefully something less dramatic.

And yet, here I am, I’ve never felt so alive (despite, you know, feeling yucky still). I got to spend the summer on an island in the middle of a beautiful lake in New Hampshire doing arty stuff,  spent lots of time in Boston with friends, reconnecting with old friends on the road, and make new friends along the way. I don’t think I’ve laughed as constantly as much as I have done in years. I just saw the sun set and rise above the clouds, on the beach, on the road, over the Grand Canyon, in the dessert, on the Mississippi, over skylines and rooftops and the clearest night skies in the world. I visited Napa, Santa Cruz, Monterey and soon the Big Sur for the first time, and ticked things off the bucketlist which I had no idea were on there. Ate the freshest fruits, the greatest foods. I’ve just seen 18 states in one roadtrip. I take a flight back to the East Coast tomorrow, where my friend is going to pick me up at 1am in the morning at JFK to take me back to New England to spend time with more of my friends – for just 2 nights -and see the real beginning of the foliage and drive me back to NYC to spend my last days in USA with my new-york-adopted family.

It took me a potential life-threatening “unifying diagnosis” for me to see just how loved I am. And how grateful I am just to be loved. Dear friends, I am humbled and grateful for your support and your love. I’m not a lovey-dovey type – My street-cool-edge-britishness doesn’t allow such a thing. But I know i don’t say it enough. But i love you all.

Whatever the outcome: Here’s to living life, how it should be lived – minute by minute.Happiness only exists when shared.

The Bucketlist

So, as some of you guys know, I’ve been thinking about the concept of time because of some unresolved – soon to be sorted out back in the UK – health issues. And with my reconstruct of time, and trying to be open to everything I can be open to, to make the most of my time on earth. I have constructed a bucketlist. Most of which I want to tick off on our current ULTIMATE ROADTRIP. This doesn’t even begin to touch upon the full list but it’s a small step until i do things which I didn’t even realize was on the list. Until it happens. Until then, here’s a small version.


Currently TICKED: DONE

– Have a show in NYC

– Have some work in a book / magazine / published

– Live in NYC (not a specific amount of time)

– Live in Chicago

– Do what you love.

– Love what you do.

– Go to New Orleans

– Dance in a jazz dive bar with an angry black woman singing raw soul.

– Like sushi

– Go to Portland, OR

– Learn to skateboard.

– Ride Fixed gear bike.

– Draw a TEDx Talk

– Pick up hitchhickers. (Not this trip)

– Drive into the night with friends.

– Drive somewhere without any specific destination.

– Eat Jambalayan

– Eat awesome Soul Food (Thanks to Sam!)

– Run the Race 4 Life for Cancer Research

– Read Karl Marx – Capital

– Run a bunch of cool events

– Go to Native American Reservation

– Dance in the street

– Stay in an awesomely dope hotel.

– Try to surf




– Start up a start up

– Swim in the Pacific Ocean & roll around in the sand

– Sleep on a beach

– Go to Yosemite

– Gamble in Vegas (never been old enough so far)

– Order something from Room Service

– Take something from a mini-bar

– Go to the most southern tip of USA.

– Go to Hawaii

– Actually use airbnb.com

– Eat shrimp

– Do a Google Hangout

– Find true-love

– Be loved

– Drink the best American Milk-shake I can find!

– Go to a SNL recording

– Do a hobo dinner, not on Sandy Island.

– Meet Obama

– Surf again

– Skate in LA

– Skateboard down a San Francisco hill.

– Star gaze in the Grand Canyon

– Watch as many sunsets & sunrises in different timezones and landscapes as I can.

– Get a drawing on the cover of New Yorker Magazine

– Be a better person

– Be thankful for every day and all the amazing friends I have.

– Do what you love, and LOVE What you do (continue)

– Go to Japan, Thailand, Balti, India

– Learn to snowboard

– Live in Canada

– Do something worth-while for others.

– Drink as many crazy exotic drinks and fruits as i can


Time is Uncertain, yo.

Time is uncertain. I’ve always known this. I have so many other blog posts dedicated to my mind-boogle with time. Time is a personal construct: an ever shifting, ever evolving phenomena. Where in some parts of the world it’s linear and in others it’s more circular and whole (which it should be viewed as).

We should never live by the clock, or feel forced to do something, or indeed put something off because of the amount of time limited.

Most people don’t know this. But 4 weeks ago I was told by a Haematologist Oncologist at Boston Medical Center to go back home to the UK for a Bone Marrow Biopsy to see if I a type of Lymphoma or not (as my USA Medical Insurance policy doesn’t cover to have it done here).  I ignored this advise ( not without cause: mostly because I have already had a pretty decent work up including CT Scans earlier in the UK – which were clear – and what’s a few more weeks?). I will of course, in 3 weeks time be coming home – earlier than planned – to indeed get the test.  But in the limbo between my in denial of ‘my doctor in the UK said it was just a virus’ and ‘what if I really do have cancer?’ I’m left re-evaluting things.

I’m using this time to really use it as an excuse to do everything I want to do. No other excuses, like money, time, fear, failure, ect. And when I find out that I don’t have any serious potentially impending doom senario  (here’s to hoping, yo!) – I will learn from this moment and never again (or try to, anyways) waste my time. Because, I do waste a lot of my time.

I’ve been working with a lot of female mothering artists, who work full time and still manage to bang out loads of works of art. So I should learn from this.  There’s so much I want to do, so watch this space here.

Here’s to a more together, focused, fun, better, kinder Smizz.

Things to look out for that I’m organizing or taking part in:

– I just done some drawings for a workshop at MADE Festival, very exciting.

Sponsored Bike ride in November from The Donx to Sheffield for Lymphoma & Leukaemia Research Charity – Please sponsor us! 

Bloc Projects – Assembly 13, Sheffield.

Researching into Co-working & art —> Something like Jelly.

– CAKE Salon

CAKE RE-LAUNCH – First with newsletters.

SLAM-JAM (realistically probably in Feb 2013)

– Finishing my L3 BTEC in Science

– Continue, developing Re-Advertise with Abi Goodman

But more on all of this soon. Realistically, in October when I’m back in the UK. Being drilled into.


Some Doc/Fest 2012 awards I’ve drawn

I’ve been quiet on here for about a month. Which has actually been a really good thing! As i’ve been busy, busy, busy!

Here’s some drawings I’ve done for Doc/Fest this year. I will be Live-Illustrative-Mapping the Summit and some talks at the Festival on Weds and Thursday. And also TEDxSheffield through an app called Mixel. It’s gonna be something different & hopefully exciting!  I’m super excited and really incredibly nervous for both TEDx & Doc/Fest.  What incredible opportunities to have?! I can’t thank them enough for it because it really is something i look forward to each year. If you’re heading to either or both of these events, make sure you give Sarah Smizz a holla. I need to shake off my ridiculously awkward shy-ness with meeting important and awesome people. And i need to get better at the networking but most importantly i just genuinely love meeting amazing and inspirational and motivated people! Which is you if you’re going there!

I hope to post some stuff this weekend as a taster of  what to expect from the TEDx stuff! Maybe.