The Promise That I Made To Myself: To Never Waste More Time (3 months on)

I made myself a promise over 3 months ago. That if my time on the earth is cut short, I want to make sure that I use my time properly, and use every single bit of it. But the reality of this in itself is that it’s actually quite difficult. A few months ago, IContinue reading “The Promise That I Made To Myself: To Never Waste More Time (3 months on)”

Fee or no Fee?

So, we know that my relationships with the institution – whether that be the University/academy, or the school, or the gallery/museum, or the family, ect – are rocky, and often precarious. No matter what I do, I always seem to be screwed by them. Take the place where I study.  I love SHU. I thinkContinue reading “Fee or no Fee?”


today i had the weirdest day. I decided to go for a walk with my bro’s crap digital camera (i really appreciate my SLR Camera now) taking pictures of the place I live. I got stopped on 4 occasions. The first, asked me if i was an artist. The 2nd was an old friend of mine! theContinue reading “Doncaster”


Richie is like my bestest friend at Uni, and one of my best friends in general. He’s also one of my housemates. He’s this tall guy who is 21 going on 22. Today he summed hisself up in a sentence: My life is just turning weird, it’s like I’m replacing food with Twilight [movie] andContinue reading “Richie”

Artistically Blonde Part 1.

So here’s my movie idea…. (i’m at uni and they don’t have photoshop – so excuse my bad paint applications) After discussing with Richie, all those embarrassing moments and how he’s like, ” Oh I’d love to do Fine art – just for the social side really” we made some comparisons to him and LegallyContinue reading “Artistically Blonde Part 1.”

The UK working class area education system

So as you know, I’m working class [yes, i’m very class conscious – I can’t help it] and for some of my friends and I it is amazing that we even got to university…. and are still here! Passing essays and such. Because, well, state schools in working class, single parent led, drug populated areasContinue reading “The UK working class area education system”

Kezwilla: Will drive 1000 miles

This is predominately an “in joke” however i reckon new comers to kezwilla will find it remotely funny! making ma way downtown, past dawns n pinkys – faces in my blackbook pass. I’m going southbound. Starin’ blankly (like i usually do) ahead, Just makin’ my way, Makin’ a way through the crowd. And I needContinue reading “Kezwilla: Will drive 1000 miles”