I can, I can’t Who Cares?

I do. I discovered this amazing guy http://www.noiseheatpower.com/smspillage.htm (you HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT). It’s by some guy called Damon Fairclough. I used to have an English teacher called Mr Fairclough but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same person. This website is Sheffield in its haydays. Where people would chill in the Leadmill because noContinue reading “I can, I can’t Who Cares?”

STREETFORM organisation

////////////////////////////////// HERE’S THE MILLION DOLLAR IDEA Or million dollar non-profit idea. and SMIZZLE NEEDS YOU :::::: BACKGROUND :::::: StreetForm is an Organisation in it’s early days of being set up. It is primarily concerned with engaging children of ages 14-17, and teachers, in the built environment by promoting Contemporary Arts* in Schools that are situatedContinue reading “STREETFORM organisation”